Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas in October (ok November)

This had to be documented. For the first time EVER, this girl right here is actually ahead of the game when it comes to the holidays. Yep, that's right. Read it again if you have to.

How did I do it you ask? Well I happen to use this nifty photo site called Snapfish, and they just happened to have a recent promotion offering FREE Holiday Cards if ordered by a certain date. Well, how can I pass up anything free??? I can't. And it just so happened that the CD of my wedding pictures arrived the week before, meaning I now have all 850+ of those bad boys, and the rights. SWEET. So, like I mentioned before, I am now ahead of the game. I have an adorable little stack of Christmas cards sitting on my desk with their envelopes, just waiting for December to arrive so they can be addressed and mailed away. (No promises that I will be ahead of the game on that part... ;)

I'm not spoiling the fun and showing you the whole card, but I will show you ONE of the four (that's right, four) pictures making an appearance on this year's card.

This is in my top 10 favorite wedding photos, I absolutely LOVE it. And no, I did not take it. (How could you have guessed?!) The uber-talented, most-amazing-wedding-photographers-ever, aka Solar Photographers (formerly known as Josh Solar Photo) took this, and the 850 others. And let me tell you, they rock.

And I now rock too, because I have one (of 1,000) Holiday item checked off the list. YES! Let's all just ignore the fact that the only reason I got it done so early was because I had to in order to get them FREE. :)

And for anyone keeping track, technically this is my first NaBloPoMo post. So there.

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