Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Show them some love...

I got an email recently from the Humane Society telling me that this week (Nov 1-7) is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Well, if you don't know me, then let me just tell you a little something about me... I am an animal lover. And I especially love animal shelters and all they do for the millions of abandonded pets out there. I have vowed to rescue any and every animal I will ever own, and I hope tons of others do the same!
So today, in light of it being National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, I would like to share with you some ways you can show your local animal shelter some love! (These were all taken from this webpage , where you can find tons more info, and even more ways to spread the love!
  1. Say Thank You -
    Drop a note in the mail or shoot an email to your local shelter and let them know how much you appreciate all they do for animals. If you can, sweeten your thank you by adding an item from the shelter's wish list, a check or a gift card from a pet supply store. This is an easy one!
  2. Volunteer Your Time and Skills
    Whether you end up walking pooches, helping at special events or lending your expertise as a newsletter editor, your shelter can match your schedule and talents to their needs. Not only will you be helping animals in your community, but you also will be building knowledge and skills. Call your local shelter and find out how to start volunteering. more»
  3. Support Spay/Neuter
    Spaying or neutering your pet or offering to help fund a spay/neuter surgery for a friend, family member or neighbor's pet will save animals' lives by helping to lower the number of unwanted animals in your community and reduce the strain on your local shelter's resources. more» I'd like to throw a shout-out in here to my friend Ash, who is currently in the process of getting her baby, Missy, spayed...way to go Ash!
  4. ID Your Pet
    Your pet should never go naked—that is, without a collar and ID tags. It's the number one way that lost pets are returned to their owners. Without it a Good Samaritan or animal shelter will likely have no idea how to contact you. Even if your pet is microchipped or your cat never goes outdoors, always err on the safe side and make a collar and tag permanent—your pet's life could depend on it. I hate to admit it, but I am totally guilty here. Daisy's tag broke months ago, and I have yet to replace it. (bad mommy!) So I will now ensure that it is done this week!!
  5. Adopt or Foster an Animal
    Consider adopting or fostering a homeless animal. Whether you decide to bring home a new pet or foster an animal until she finds a forever family, you'll be giving a critter a safe and caring home while making room for another homeless pet in your community's animal shelter, where space is limited. You can find adoptable pets in your area at The Shelter Pet Project's website. This one is my FAVORITE. I would LOVE for this to be my way of pitching in to this effort...that husband of mine tends not to agree though. I know that in the future (i.e. when we have a bigger house) I will be able to talk him into fostering, and I am still trying to convince him that Daisy needs a friend. One of these days... :)

Like I said, there is tons more information on their site, so go check it out! Their list is actually a top 10, but I thought I'd shorten it to my fav 5. :) So get out there, and show your local shelter some L O V E!!

And since I can't post without a photo...here is my love (well one of them).

Daisy is my rescue baby, and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I am so happy that she found her way into our home, because our family wouldn't be complete without her (I'll give you a second to wipe that tear... ;).

I mean really, when you are sitting on the couch and you look over and see this, how can you not melt?!?!

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