Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lexi ~ 6 months

First of all, Windows Live Writer can kiss my... ahem. It doesn't like me today. This post was all nice and pretty and ready to publish, but apparently it can't be that easy. So here we are, back in blogger, and we try again...

Well. I certainly left you hanging on these now didn’t I. Sorry about that. I’m not really sure what happened – there was a holiday weekend in there, some working out in the evenings after work…apparently I have just been super busy! All I know is that was one heck of a teaser, wasn’t it. ;)

So a couple of weeks ago, I met up with the little miss and her mama at the park for some 6 month portraits. She wasn’t *technically* 6 months yet, she was about a week shy, but who’s counting.

As I mentioned in the teaser post… be aware of the cuteness overload. Miss Alexus has grown so much and is getting such a personality now, and it really shows in the images! Photobucket

This bridge is a really great spot for photos. Matt & I actually took a few of our engagement photos here (with the ever-amazing Josh Solar, so technically I stole the idea for these shots from him, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind. Thanks Josh! ;)

Photobucket Photobucket


Her facial expressions are getting so much more developed, and so adorable!! I just can’t get enough of that smile.



Speaking of facial expressions... this child has about 4,328 of them (roughly). Seriously. I have a post in the works (in my head at least) titled "the many facial expressions of Lexi" or something like that. Just from this shoot I could probably show you 932 of her facial expressions. For today, though, I'll just stick with all the cute ones. One of these days I'll post all of the funny ones - they deserve their own post. :)



I had to sneak a shot in with Mama… she has all the tricks for getting those big smiles to come out :)

Can I just say that I am thrilled that it is finally outdoor photo weather?! Natural light is where it’s at, people. I am excited for a summer (and fall) filled with lots of photos! And for your own sake, let’s just hope I find some more subjects besides this one – although she is pretty darn cute. ;)

Happy half-birthday little one!

Monday, June 7, 2010

100th Post!

Holy moly! I just happened to notice that I was at 99 posts on this bad boy, making this one...you guessed it... number 100! Woo hoo!

The last blog I started only made it to 98 posts, sadly. That is not my fault, though. After I got married I sort of ran out of things to post about on my wedding planning blog...

So here we are, at post number 100.

Let's do a little recap of the first 100 posts, shall we?

Post numero uno (that's number one for those of you who aren't fluent in espaƱol...)
In this post I blabbed about myself, and then shared the first photo I ever took with my DSLR. Surprise, surprise, it's a picture of my dog. :) And not a very good one, at that. That post was just over a year ago, in March 2009. Ok, that's more than just over a year ago...it's like 3 months over a year ago.

Exactly 1 year ago today, I posted about a lovely Saturday afternoon at the lake. I like to think my skills had started to improve just a bit by then, although I do think I took way too many pictures of the husband and his fishing pole that day... For not being edited at all, I think those images I posted were pretty A-ok. Especially this one, of that crazy dog of mine:
Then July rolled around and I got married. For some reason, though, I never posted about that on here. Hmm. Guess it wasn't that important... ;) I did manage to post about it on the other blog, though...which makes sense considering that's pretty much all I talked about over there...
Later in the year I tackled my first portraits ever, my cousin's senior photos. Looking back, I think if I were to sit down and re-edit them I could improve them a ton, but I think the photos themselves are pretty good. Maybe I will sit down and do a little re-do of the editing one of these days... you know, in all of that spare time I seem to have...In November I was super-ambitious and tackled NaBloPoMo. I'm still amazed that I managed to do it, and now that I think of it, if it weren't for those 30 posts it would probably be more like December 2010 before I reached 100 posts...

I also tackled my next set of portraits that month, for my friend Ash and her boyfriend Zach. And I am proud to say that one of my images made an appearance on their holiday cards last year!

Santa surprised the heck out of me on Christmas Eve, and I became the proud owner of Adobe CS4. I admit that I still have no idea how to even begin using most of the programs, but I am slowly mastering Photoshop (ok, mastering was a poor choice of words. I am slowly figuring-out-how-to-make-the-stupid-program-do-what-I-know-it's-supposed-to-do-and-constantly-wishing-I-majored-in-photography/art/design-in-college)

I also became an aunt right around the holiday season, so since then I've pretty much just been taking pictures of the little booger. I took pictures of her for the first time on Christmas, and pretty much every month or so since then. :)

My, how she has grown in 6 months!

Whew! I have done a lot of blogging in the past year! Well, I certainly am happy and proud that I've made it to 100 posts... now let's see if I can make 100 more! I think this blog has helped me see my photography skills as they grow and improve, and it's definitely a cool way to look back and see what the heck I've been doing this past year. I hope you all have enjoyed the ride so far, and continue to hang with me for the next 100!
P.S. The rest of Lexi's 6 month pictures will be up tonight or tomorrow, I promise. :D