Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{week 35}

Oh, hi there!  I know, I know, I am AGES behind in blogging.  Sorry, life has just been slightly insane recently!  But get ready, I'm catching you up on the past few weeks. :)  You might want to skip down and work your way back up...if you like to read things in order, that is. :)

Gosh, could I look any more like a tired pregnant chick...
This time we took the picture in baby girl's room, and once again I half-ass photoshopped the frame in. :)

Week 35 (Jan 26  Feb 1)

First of all: It’s February.  Woah.  That means we’re having a baby NEXT MONTH.  Holy crap!

Second of all:  I feel like a broken record, but once again, it was a busy week.  Story of my life.  Saturday we started the day off with our Bradley class, and then ventured to Lawrence with Jess & Clayton for a KU basketball game – Matt’s first time!  It was so much fun.  I may have enjoyed myself a bit more had I not been 35 weeks pregnant…only because there was SO MUCH WALKING and SO MANY STAIRS involved.  I survived though, and it was a blast.  An Instagram picture as proof:

Although I had lofty plans of getting some unpacking and organizing done that night once we got home, I ended up on the couch with my (giant, swollen) feet up.  A couple of frozen pizzas and a movie later, I think we were both in bed before 10:00.  Such party animals, we are.  Sunday was another packed day, with my second baby shower in the morning (where I got to hang with a lovely group of ladies and got even more amazing gifts) and a family gathering for Sarah’s birthday in the evening.  It was a fun-filled weekend, but by Sunday evening I was feeling very un-productive and a little stressed, so I made a list and vowed on behalf of both of us that we would get as many things as possible knocked out in our evenings during the week.  I’m sure Matt was very appreciative of that. :)

I would say we succeeded, though, as more than half of those things are now crossed off my list.  I may or may not have added several things in the meantime, but that doesn’t count.  In nursery news, I got a paint color picked out, and fabrics chosen, and things are finally starting to happen!  The room should be painted very soon, and then I can start bringing stuff in!  The dresser will still need to be refinished, and I have about a million ideas for d├ęcor that I need to just decide on and get started on already, but I have a vision.  And I don’t care what anyone says, my baby isn’t allowed to make her appearance until her room is finished.  So what if she won’t be using it for the first few weeks (months?) of her life, I need it to be done.  I consider it a challenge, and I’m most certainly up for it. :) 

Otherwise the week was just another fun-filled one with work, unpacking, and even a snow day for good measure (well, it snowed, and I didn’t feel like driving so I worked from home.  That counts as a snow day, right?).  This weekend is significantly less busy than the past few (which I am OH SO EXCITED about).

Size of baby: coconut

Total weight gain/loss:  44 lbs.

Maternity clothes? I keep wanting to buy more, and then I stop myself when I realize I only have another month or so to wear them, and then I freak out at how close I am to my due date.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Stretch marks? Still managed to avoid these…fingers crossed…

Sleep: same story.  At least it’s not getting worse, that’s something…right?

Symptoms: still lots of swelling, some heartburn, and the exhaustion is starting to set in.

Best moment this week: tie between my 2nd baby shower and seeing Matt experience his first KU game at Allen Fieldhouse.

Movement: she seems to have found her way even further into my ribs…lovely.  I’ve finally started to figure out her schedule though, and I sure wish it would stick after she arrives – she gets up and moving around 8-8:30 most days, wiggles and dances throughout the afternoon, takes a short nap in the early evening but wakes back up just before bed, and (thankfully) seems to go back to sleep when I do.  Wouldn’t THAT be a dream routine for my newborn… HA!

Food cravings:  a Twix has been sounding SO GOOD all week.  In fact, I think I will be venturing to the vending machine to indulge before the day is over.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I have had a couple of queasy spells lately, nothing in particular causing them that I know of, it sort of just feels like the first trimester “yuck” all over again.  But at least they don’t last long.  {I must have jinxed myself talking about how lucky I am to have avoided this...}

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!

Belly Button in or out? It’s the tiniest little bit out, but I’m still calling it in.

Wedding rings on or off? Off  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and stressed and we’ll go ahead and add nervous in there for good measure (hello, I am A MONTH AWAY FROM MY DUE DATE)

Looking forward to:  our last Bradley class, our hospital tour and pre-registration, and a breastfeeding class this week – all things that will contribute to me freaking out at how close I am to my due date. :)

{week 34}

officially the first belly picture in our new house - and yeah, I totally photoshopped the picture frame in (and not very well, at that) :)

Week 34 (Jan 19 - Jan 25)

What. A. Week.

First, we moved.  And what a day that was!  We are SO lucky to have amazing family and friends, so between 10+ people and the biggest U-Haul they have, we managed to get a whole house loaded up and moved in just one trip and about 5 hours.  I did a lot of supervising, and directing of traffic. :)  I am still amazed at how much STUFF we have…coming from such a small house I thought we’d have a hard time filling the new one (which is double in size, mind you), however I was mistaken. After everyone left, the U-Haul was returned, and the boxes were all inside, we got to sit down and take it all in on our first night in the new house.  I never thought the day would come!  Then Sunday I woke up, (feeling like I had run a marathon the day before) and headed over to Mom’s house for my baby shower!  I may have been exhausted, but I quickly forgot about how tired I was and had a wonderful afternoon with my lovely family and friends.  My BFF, Sister in law and mom pulled out all the stops and executed a fabulous shower!  Not to mention I got sooooo many nice things for baby girl.  On moving day we had one empty room in our house, but less than 24 hours later it was officially the nursery and full of baby gear. (Now it also includes a glider and a crib…eek!)  I probably should have come home and put my (FAT) feet up that night, but I was too anxious to start unpacking so I spent most of the evening putting my kitchen together.  Luckily Matt and I were both off work Monday, so we got to get some errands out of the way, check out my new grocery store, and unpack more boxes.  That is now the story of my life…it went from packing and more packing to unpacking and more unpacking.  Someday I will get to ditch all of these boxes!

Tuesday came and brought another doctor’s appointment.  All was routine (aside from the lady next to me in the waiting room HAVING CONTRACTIONS!  That was interesting) and I am still breezing through this pregnancy according to Dr. C.  Gold star for me! 
You can imagine what the rest of the week involved…mooore unpacking!  And Wednesday was an exciting day – we closed on our house!  The old house, that is.  We are officially not homeowners anymore!  Yeah, I know most people wouldn’t exactly be excited about that,  but we are.  We’ve been itching to get out of that house for a while now, and it is finally done.  HOORAY.

So yeah, like I said at the beginning…what. a. week.  We have tons going on this weekend and next week as well, so it looks like the trend continues…

Size of baby: butternut squash

Total weight gain/loss:  44 lbs. {in 2 weeks I only gained 1 pound!  It’s a miracle!}

Maternity clothes? Some of my maternity clothes are starting to get too small…um, what?  Not cool.

Stretch marks? Still managed to avoid these…fingers crossed…

Sleep: I had the world’s best night of (pregnant) sleep on Sunday…I think I was just so completely exhausted it was inevitable.  But it was amazing.  I think I slept for 6 straight hours, and I didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom once!  It was joyous.  Now I’m back to the usual 2-3 hour stretches with at least 2 potty breaks, so it was nice while it lasted.

Symptoms: Houston, we have swelling.  My hands, my feet, my ankles…it’s not pretty.  If I ever stopped to put my feet up it might not be as bad, but I just can’t seem to sit down when there is always so much to do.

Best moment this week: Moving into our new house!  My baby shower!  Closing on our old house!  I think I said it already…what. a.week.

Movement: lots of it!  Still lots of butt-sticking-out, with the occasional jab to the ribs mixed in.  not quite as many hiccups lately though.  Dr. C said that baby girl is super low, which to me says she is going to be tall because I feel those legs all the way up in my ribs!

Food cravings: switched from Cherry Coke to Dr. Pepper this week.  I think I just crave pop… I’ve kept it under control and only have one every now and then, but man is it hard to resist a cold Dr. Pepper poured over crushed ice (my refrigerator now has an ice maker, AND it crushes ice.  To me, this is heaven.)

Anything making you queasy or sick: I consider myself SO LUCKY in this department because the answer is still no.

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!

Belly Button in or out? It’s the tiniest little bit out, but I’m still calling it in.

Wedding rings on or off? Long gone.  I almost lost the replacement ring Matt gave me, but luckily it turned up (in the wrapping paper trash pile from my shower...thanks mom for digging it out for me!!).  It’s too big but I’m afraid to get it sized because you just never know how fat these fingers are eventually going to get… 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and stressed.  Still.

Looking forward to:  Matt experiencing his first KU Basketball game tomorrow!  And another shower thrown by some lovely girlfriends on Sunday.

{week 33}

Week 33 (Jan 12 - Jan 18)

This week has basically just been a whirlwind of packing, packing, and more packing.  I can’t believe it’s finally almost moving day!  We are doing pretty well so far getting everything packed and ready, I just know this weekend is going to be JAM PACKED.  As for week 33… well the weekend was busy as usual, on Saturday I tagged along with Ash to the bridal expo show – can I just say that now I want to get married again! Oh how fun wedding planning was. :)  Then I did some last minute shopping and we attended my work’s holiday party that evening.  Shopping for holiday party attire at 33 weeks prego = not my idea of a good time.  I tried really heard to go with a dress, but in the end the pants won and I just wore a sparkly shirt with them.  That counts as “evening attire” right?!  Sunday we did – you guessed it – more packing.  And I really don’t have anything exciting to report about the rest of the week…like I said, packing galore.  Now I’m just gearing up for our last night EVER in this house {sniff sniff}, a full day of Bradley class and moving, plus my baby shower on Sunday!  Whew, I’m already tired.  Luckily Matt and I are both taking off work Monday, so we can stop to breathe for a minute and enjoy our new house.  While unpacking and running errands.  Sounds so relaxing, doesn't it?!

It is slightly ridiculous how much STUFF we have…I am still trying to figure out how it was all crammed into our tiny little house…

Size of baby: Durian Fruit {um, what the heck is that??}

Total weight gain/loss:  43 lbs.

Maternity clothes? I’m getting to the point where sweat pants and a big t-shirt sound like the ideal wardrobe choice…

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: Nope.

Symptoms: Just starting to actually feel like a 7+ months pregnant woman… guess that is to be expected.  Still have the carpal tunnel, heartburn every now and then, some lovely back pain here and there, and of course the swollen feet.  Yay, pregnancy!

Best moment this week: packing?  I don’t know…nothing really stands out to me from this week, all I can remember are boxes…

Movement: Still a ton of it all day long, and record numbers of hiccups {the day I wrote last week’s update, she ended up getting them 5 times.  In one day.}  She also likes to stick her butt out {or at least I’m assuming it’s her butt, based on the position she was in at our last ultrasound}.  It’s quite crazy when a giant bulge pops out of my belly, but Matt finds it very entertaining, and loves to squeeze and poke at her – usually resulting in a lovely kick on the other side, gee thanks.

Food cravings: still enjoying chocolate like it’s going out of style.

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!

Belly Button in or out? It’s trying really hard to start poking out, but hasn’t yet.  Don’t do it, belly button, stay in!!

Wedding rings on or off? Off.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and stressed.  Still.

Looking forward to:  Moving!  And my Baby Shower!  Holy cow this weekend is going to be crazy… but so exciting at the same time!! :)