Thursday, September 22, 2011

old settlers

A couple weeks ago we walked over to the Johnson County Old Settler’s festivities, which just happens to set up every year about 2 blocks from our house.

There are lots of fun events – a parade, vendors, a carnival.  For some reason, we always end up not making it out until the last evening they are there… I’m sure once we have a little one we will probably have more motivation to get out and enjoy the daytime activities.

But since we’re still young and kid-less, we like to gather a few friends and walk down to enjoy the carnival, some awesome (in a really-bad-for-you sort of way) food, and some serious people-watching.  What, you don’t go to carnivals to people-watch? psh.

We did some arcade-game-playing, some who’s-the-toughest-guy competition (aka who-can-win-brooke-a-prize…and just for the record it was not Matt who won that one…just sayin’…), some eating, and of course as I already mentioned, some people-watching.  What more could you ask for in a Saturday evening?!

Friday, September 2, 2011

run for rhonda …again!

Well, I did it again.  Yes, I was up and out of the house BEFORE 8AM ON A SUNDAY.  Of course there must be a good reason for such craziness...

And there is!  Last weekend the family all got out and walked in the Head for the Cure 5k (just like we did last year) in honor of Aunt Rhonda.

We had a great time, and of course it supported a great cause.

Enjoy some photos of the event...


As you can see, Rhonda is doing great - and looking fabulous!