Thursday, September 22, 2011

old settlers

A couple weeks ago we walked over to the Johnson County Old Settler’s festivities, which just happens to set up every year about 2 blocks from our house.

There are lots of fun events – a parade, vendors, a carnival.  For some reason, we always end up not making it out until the last evening they are there… I’m sure once we have a little one we will probably have more motivation to get out and enjoy the daytime activities.

But since we’re still young and kid-less, we like to gather a few friends and walk down to enjoy the carnival, some awesome (in a really-bad-for-you sort of way) food, and some serious people-watching.  What, you don’t go to carnivals to people-watch? psh.

We did some arcade-game-playing, some who’s-the-toughest-guy competition (aka who-can-win-brooke-a-prize…and just for the record it was not Matt who won that one…just sayin’…), some eating, and of course as I already mentioned, some people-watching.  What more could you ask for in a Saturday evening?!

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  1. Looks like FUN!!!! Wish we could've been there!!!


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