Saturday, June 13, 2009


I went out in the back yard and shot a few more pictures this weekend. We've planted a lot of flowers and our deck just looks so summer-y!

The hummingbird feeder that is finally filled up for them.

Adorable little bird houses I found at Hobby Lobby for $3 :)

If you don't know me, you should know that I'm a little obsessed with daisies. Ok, a lot obsessed. :) I found this decoration at Hobby Lobby too.

My newest planter full of flowers that Matt came home one day and surprised me with. :)

Slightly more interesting view...

I used my photo editing program and played with the lighting on these two...what do you think?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday afternoon at the lake

Last weekend on Saturday, we decided to head up to the lake near our house for the afternoon. I packed us a picnic, some toys for Daisy, my camera and a book while Matt packed up his fishing gear, and we were off!

First up are some shots of the scenery...

It was a really gorgeous day for hanging out in the sun.

Like I said, Matt packed up his fishing gear, eager to get some use out of all the cool stuff he got for his birthday.

And of course we brought the little stinker with us, and she had a ball!

just checkin out the scenery...

Here she comes...

There she is!

And here are a couple of action shots of her trying to catch the ball in mid-air...

how AWESOME is that shot?!

no matter how tired she is, she'll always eagerly await the next throw...

And last but not least, a dorky picture of us :)