Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Afternoon with Daisy

Last Friday, after getting off work (early! at 11:30! woo hoo!), I had a lovely afternoon to myself.  I had lunch at my all time favorite Panera, got a pedicure and manicure, and did some shopping.  Then I came home and hung out with my Daisy girl.  It was just lovely!  While I was hanging out with Daisy, I decided to have a little photo shoot with her (and this is where you are free to tell me that I need friends {or a kid!} to do photo shoots with instead of my DOG). 

Enjoy some of my favorite shots:


Meet Mr. Hippo – Daisy’s newest “baby”.  He was approximately 1 day old at this time…and already lost half his nose. 

Sadly, he is not nearly this recognizable anymore.  But Daisy sure loves him.



If there’s no one around playing with Daisy, she’ll roll over on her back and entertain herself. 

I think it is just adorable to watch her when she does this.


The infamous dog head tilt – all you have to say is the word “baby” to induce one of these {or “outside”, or “walk”, or “ball”, or any other number of things…} :)



We also spent some quality time out in the backyard with the good old tennis ball.

I made a little collage of the photos I took – and I think it turned out pretty cute!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Year Ago Today…

…Was hands down the most amazing day of my entire life!  One year ago today I married the man of my dreams.

I cannot believe it’s already been a year.  Where has the time gone?!  They say the first year is the hardest – well, we’ve definitely been through some hard times over the past year, but nothing our love couldn’t overcome.  We’ve also had some really great times this past year.  And I know we will go through plenty of both in the years to come, but I honestly couldn’t imagine going through it with anyone else by my side.

So now, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, and relive that fantastic day one more time. :)

brookematt_830brookematt_015 brookematt_021 brookematt_038 brookematt_065 brookematt_086 brookematt_089 brookematt_106 brookematt_122 brookematt_136  brookematt_158 brookematt_162 brookematt_219 brookematt_221 brookematt_242   brookematt_266

brookematt_286 brookematt_307 brookematt_363 brookematt_379 brookematt_390 brookematt_408 brookematt_423 brookematt_458  brookematt_495 brookematt_520 brookematt_531 brookematt_537 brookematt_553 brookematt_573 brookematt_622 brookematt_623

 brookematt_632 brookematt_636 brookematt_641

 brookematt_644 brookematt_648 brookematt_659 brookematt_675 brookematt_719 brookematt_735 brookematt_748 brookematt_750 brookematt_782 brookematt_788 brookematt_824brookematt_823  brookematt_826 

(Sorry if I got a little carried away with the photos…there are just so many it’s hard to choose!)

All of the images are by the amazing Solar Photographers.

All in all, the first year of marriage has been a great one.  And I cannot wait to find out what the next 50 hold in store for us!  To my wonderful husband:  you are the best.  I am so glad that I got to experience that wonderful day with you, and I am thrilled that I get to spend the rest of my life with you.  Here’s to us.  Forever and ever.  :)