Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{15 weeks} + first father's day!

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week 15 included:

~ rolling from tummy to back for the first time

~ what looks to be the beginnings of a thumb sucker

~ daddy's first father's day!

As with Mother's day, we didn't have anything terribly spectacular planned.  We let Daddy sleep in a little bit {actually, Lilly was a doll and let us both sleep in until almost 9am (!!)} and then I went to pick us up breakfast - he is the breakfast chef in this house, so it was a gift for him not to have to cook. :)  Lilly was quite thoughtful and got him a "Daddy's Girl" picture frame, along with a new outfit and some concert tickets.  How sweet of her to give him a gift that benefits Mommy too!  We spent the day with family, and once we got back home Daddy and Lilly fell asleep on the couch together - Matt says it was the perfect end to Father's day.  I must admit, I was a little jealous. :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

{14 weeks}

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 months

3 months!  Can you believe it?!  I remember when I was pregnant, thinking about the fact that I would have 3 months with her before going back to seemed like an eternity.  It went by in the blink of an eye, though!  She is really becoming fun these days, always smiling and laughing, and talking up a storm.  She seems to be discovering new things every day, I just love watching her little mind work.

This month marked the end of my maternity leave, which was such a sad day.  However, it also marked the beginning of  Grandma Daycare for Lilly, which she is loving so far.   Who am I kidding, they are both loving it. :)  I can't say I'm loving being back at work, but I do love knowing that Lilly is in good hands, and spending quality time with her grandma!

Stats ~ no official stats this month since we didn't have a doctor's appointment, but according to our unofficial measurements she now weighs 14.5 pounds.  Holy chunker, batman!

Sleeping ~ before I went back to work, she was sleeping around 12 hours at night. (no that is not a typo.)  Now that I have to wake her up in the mornings, she’s averaging 10-11 hours just depending on when she goes to bed.  I never thought I would have to actually wake my baby up in the mornings… but I am not complaining!  She is still sleeping in her bassinet (the Rock N Play) next to our bed.  Eventually we’ll transition her to the Pack N Play in our room, and then into her crib in her own room.  I’m in no hurry for any of this, though. :)

Eating ~ so far she hasn’t had any issues with switching to bottles during the day.  I have been able to pump enough to keep up with her so far, and even a little extra to start a small freezer stash.  She still nurses when we’re at home, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite time with her. Now that I don’t have to do it 8 times a day, every day, it’s much less of a “chore”.  Now it’s our special bonding time. :)  She often stops eating to look up and smile at me…heart = melted.

Likes ~ toys that rattle and make funny noises (like the hammer that got her to laugh, and a little sun that hangs from her activity mat and makes random sounds), Mr. Lion (the toy that hangs from her car seat and sounds like a wind chime – yes, I named him :) ), bath time, tummy time for the first minute, seeing Grandma in the morning when I drop her off, watching daddy eat, peek-a-boo

Dislikes ~ getting out of the bath, tummy time after the first minute, evenings in general (she was late to the party but seems to have caught on to the “witching hour” that most babies have where they are fussy in the evenings.  It’s not every evening, and nursing + sleep usually solves the problem, but she is definitely more likely to cry after 5pm these days)

Current Nicknames ~ still going strong with random variations of Boogah (pronounced like booger, with an ‘uh’ sound instead of the ‘er’)… boog, boogah woogah, boogaboo… and daddy likes to call her Lilly bean

We also had a little mini photo session in the back yard to document the 3 month mark:

{as you may have figured out, Matt got in on the fun and took several of these photos.  not too shabby, for an amateur ;) }

There you have it, another month in the books!  I can't believe how quickly she is growing, but I absolutely love seeing what each new phase brings. :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

{13 weeks}

finally, a smile!  this might be my favorite of the weekly photos so far :)

week 13 included:

~ mama's first week back to work (BOO) and Lilly's first week of Grandma-daycare (YAY!)

~ our first playdate!

On Sunday, all of these lovely ladies and our kiddos met up at the children's farmstead for a morning playdate.  It was more than just a playdate to us though ~ every one of us had difficulty in one form or another getting pregnant.  We have all spent the past couple years supporting each other through it all, and it is so incredible that we are now meeting for playdates with our babies (and kids!).  Talk about full-circle. :)  I'm so thankful that I have these women in my life, and so proud of all of us and our little miracles!!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

{12 weeks} + memorial day weekend

Lilly made her first trip to the lake last weekend for Memorial Day.  She had a blast!  It was a little mini-road trip, a good test run before our big drive to Texas in July.  I'm happy to say that Lilly did pretty well overall - on the way down she did get a little cranky, but we just had to stop and get her out of her carseat for a few minutes and then she was fine.  On the way back she slept the entire time.  I would call that success!

 She really seemed to enjoy being outside, which was good because that's where we spent most of our time. :)

She especially enjoyed lounging in this camp chair... pretty sure I need to get her one of her own :)

of course she also enjoyed some quality time with aunt Sarah :) {for the record, she also enjoyed quality time with aunt Carmen, I just don't have any photographic evidence...}

she and Daddy really know how to relax.  I swear, put these two together and this is what happens.  every time!  

I can't decide which is in a swimsuit, or baby in a lifejacket... 

{by the way, I promise she is not nearly as uncomfortable as she may look in these pictures - right after getting her all buckled in, she promptly fell asleep.  so, she pretty much missed out on her first boat ride because she was asleep.  that's my girl.}

this girl is going to be riding the 4-wheeler by herself before we know it!

but for now, we leave it to the big girls.  {and just pile everyone on for a picture :) }

we ended up spending a lot of our time wrangling up the 6 puppies that showed up at the cabin {and have since been rescued by Aunt Sarah!}  Clearly, I did my part.

{and yes, I'm trying my hardest to add one of these puppies to our family.  her name is Violet. :)  still working on convincing the husband that Lilly neeeeeeedddsss her...}

and, last but not least, the 12 week photo {taken at the lake...on a beach towel, of course :) }

week 12 included:

~ celebrating Grandma's retirement with her at her work

~ mommy's last week of maternity leave :(

~ Lilly's first trip to the lake

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