Saturday, June 1, 2013

{12 weeks} + memorial day weekend

Lilly made her first trip to the lake last weekend for Memorial Day.  She had a blast!  It was a little mini-road trip, a good test run before our big drive to Texas in July.  I'm happy to say that Lilly did pretty well overall - on the way down she did get a little cranky, but we just had to stop and get her out of her carseat for a few minutes and then she was fine.  On the way back she slept the entire time.  I would call that success!

 She really seemed to enjoy being outside, which was good because that's where we spent most of our time. :)

She especially enjoyed lounging in this camp chair... pretty sure I need to get her one of her own :)

of course she also enjoyed some quality time with aunt Sarah :) {for the record, she also enjoyed quality time with aunt Carmen, I just don't have any photographic evidence...}

she and Daddy really know how to relax.  I swear, put these two together and this is what happens.  every time!  

I can't decide which is in a swimsuit, or baby in a lifejacket... 

{by the way, I promise she is not nearly as uncomfortable as she may look in these pictures - right after getting her all buckled in, she promptly fell asleep.  so, she pretty much missed out on her first boat ride because she was asleep.  that's my girl.}

this girl is going to be riding the 4-wheeler by herself before we know it!

but for now, we leave it to the big girls.  {and just pile everyone on for a picture :) }

we ended up spending a lot of our time wrangling up the 6 puppies that showed up at the cabin {and have since been rescued by Aunt Sarah!}  Clearly, I did my part.

{and yes, I'm trying my hardest to add one of these puppies to our family.  her name is Violet. :)  still working on convincing the husband that Lilly neeeeeeedddsss her...}

and, last but not least, the 12 week photo {taken at the lake...on a beach towel, of course :) }

week 12 included:

~ celebrating Grandma's retirement with her at her work

~ mommy's last week of maternity leave :(

~ Lilly's first trip to the lake

{to see all of Lilly's weekly photos, click here}

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