Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{15 weeks} + first father's day!

{to see all of Lilly's weekly photos, click here}

week 15 included:

~ rolling from tummy to back for the first time

~ what looks to be the beginnings of a thumb sucker

~ daddy's first father's day!

As with Mother's day, we didn't have anything terribly spectacular planned.  We let Daddy sleep in a little bit {actually, Lilly was a doll and let us both sleep in until almost 9am (!!)} and then I went to pick us up breakfast - he is the breakfast chef in this house, so it was a gift for him not to have to cook. :)  Lilly was quite thoughtful and got him a "Daddy's Girl" picture frame, along with a new outfit and some concert tickets.  How sweet of her to give him a gift that benefits Mommy too!  We spent the day with family, and once we got back home Daddy and Lilly fell asleep on the couch together - Matt says it was the perfect end to Father's day.  I must admit, I was a little jealous. :)

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