Saturday, March 5, 2011

the kids

I know, I know, we don’t *technically* have any kids.  But we do have furbabies, and we love them just as much  as we would human kids.  :)

A few weeks ago, on one of those snow days, I snapped a few photos of the “kids” just hanging around the house.


Daisy wanted to model her Christmas present – her very own Chiefs scarf.  You know, because dogs need scarves too…


And then Dammit (yes, we have a cat named Dammit) was laying on the table by the back door in some lovely sunlight.  That spot is pretty much the best light in my house, at least from a photo perspective…too bad it’s in the old, ugly kitchen.


She was really hamming it up for me. :)


I just love her little pink nose – and I really love this shot:


Marley really didn’t want to get in on the photo shoot that day… but I did catch a cute kitty-love moment…


One of these days I’ll have a nice human child to take pictures of.  But until then, you’ll just have to settle for my furbabies. :)