Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{72} 6.19.12

{74} 6-19-12

just another flower photo… :)

{73} 6.17.12

{73} 6-17-12

today was Father’s day, and we spent some time soaking up the sun. 

and let me tell you there was plenty of sun (and heat!) to go around. 

this kid didn’t even notice, though.  she spent the day splishing and splashing.

{72} 6.16.12

{72} 6-16-12

well, I took a short little hiatus from the 365 project… not really intentionally, I guess I just got busy?  who knows. 

anyway, today we celebrated Jordan’s birthday. as you can probably tell, she has a thing for the zebra stripes these days. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{71} 6.12.12

{71} 6-12-12

today I finally got the N that I’ve been looking for :)  this ended up different than my original idea, but it works!  now just have to order some prints and find a frame, and I can call this project d-o-n-e.

{70} 6.11.12

{70} 6-11-12

someone found a new favorite spot to call home…

{69} 6.10.12

{69} 6-10-12

today I picked up my new kitchen table!  ok, it’s not exactly “new”, but it’s new to me. :)  I bought it off of Craigslist and have big plans to refinish the top, and recover the seats.  both are in pretty rough shape right now, but that will be changing soon!

{68} 6.9.12

{68} 6-9-12 

tonight we headed to the little lake by our house for a picnic. it was beautiful outside, which made for such a relaxing evening.

Friday, June 8, 2012

{67} 6.8.12

{67} 6-8-12

this is my kind of Friday afternoon: sunshine and a frozen drink. :)

{66} 6.7.12

today I read an article about using creative motion blur in your photographs (this article to be exact), and it inspired me to play with the technique when I got home.

{66} 6-7-12

this is not at all what I had in mind, and I probably couldn’t recreate it if I tried, but i like it. :)  it’s so typical Daisy – tail always wagging a mile a minute.

{65} 6.6.11

are you sick of all the letters yet?

{65} 6-6-11

too bad!

today I discovered that one of the letters I’d assumed would be the hardest to find, was in fact right in my own back yard. literally.  I told you how we came back from our cruise to find a garden planted in our back yard – well there was also a new fence!  I hadn’t paid much attention to it until I realized there was a giant Z on the back of both gates!

this leaves me with just one letter left to find to complete the project I’m working on.  and really, I just need to re-shoot my idea from the other day.  almost done!

{64} 3.11.12

so, the picture I actually took today didn’t come out how I wanted.  I was going for another letter I need, N, and I just didn’t like the photo after I edited it (some things just don’t convert to black & white nicely).  I am still going to use the idea, just need to do a little re-shoot.

anyway, sticking with the letter theme, I went back and found another letter I needed from our trip to Vegas in March.  I thought I had already edited this one, but I had just filed it away with my other letter photos and not touched it.

{64} 3-11-12

now I have an R!  10 points if you can guess where I took this picture.

yeah, I know, it’s pretty obvious – the Riviera.  good guess :)

{63} 6.3.12

{63} 6-3-12

Daisy made a new friend thanks to Matt and the shooting game at Old Shawnee Days…

{62} 6.2.12

{62} 6-2-12

tonight we joined some friends for Old Shawnee Days.  as you can see, there was a ferris wheel involved – no, I did not ride.  I am terrified of these things, especially when I know they were put together only a few days prior… 

it was still a fun time, and Matt even won a prize or 2 (which Daisy was happy to see when we got home. :)

{61} 6.1.12

today I spent a lot of time going through and editing photos from our cruise (one of these days I’ll post all about it – promise). 

so instead of a photo I took today, you get one I edited today – I make the rules for this 365 project, remember? ;)

{61} 6-1-12

another in the series of letter photos…I meant to try to find several while we were in the Bahamas/on the cruise ship, but I sort of forgot.  I guess sunshine, white sand, clear water and fruity drinks tend to do that…

anyway, I got this photo for “I” one evening when we were sitting on one of the decks of the ship, maxing and relaxing, staring out into the ocean. 

so I am one letter closer to having all that I need for the name I’m currently working on.  one of these days I’ll just get at least one photo for every letter of the alphabet so I can put ‘requests’ together much quicker!