Friday, June 8, 2012

{61} 6.1.12

today I spent a lot of time going through and editing photos from our cruise (one of these days I’ll post all about it – promise). 

so instead of a photo I took today, you get one I edited today – I make the rules for this 365 project, remember? ;)

{61} 6-1-12

another in the series of letter photos…I meant to try to find several while we were in the Bahamas/on the cruise ship, but I sort of forgot.  I guess sunshine, white sand, clear water and fruity drinks tend to do that…

anyway, I got this photo for “I” one evening when we were sitting on one of the decks of the ship, maxing and relaxing, staring out into the ocean. 

so I am one letter closer to having all that I need for the name I’m currently working on.  one of these days I’ll just get at least one photo for every letter of the alphabet so I can put ‘requests’ together much quicker!

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