Thursday, May 31, 2012

{60} 5.31.12

{60} 5-31-12

so, funny story: I got home from work today, pulled out my camera to take my picture for the day, and had no idea what to shoot.  so I decided to give a go at a self portrait (I know, you’re thinking wow, Brooke…looking awful furry…) so I took about 150 pictures of myself.  no, really, 150.  from different angles… in different light…making different faces…  and I felt like a complete dork the entire time.  but it was actually kind of fun :)  anyway, as I was about to put the camera up I caught a glimpse of this face, and couldn’t help but get a couple shots.  and what do you know, I decided to use it for today’s picture. :)  someday I’ll come back and show you the goofy pictures I took too.  maybe.  possibly.

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