Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{50} 5.20.12 {my DIY earring frame}

yeah, I know.  I missed another day.  but that day I was in no shape to be taking pictures.  I was parked on the couch with 7up and crackers.  Well, gatorade and rice cakes, but same difference. :)  Either way, I didn’t have the energy to pick up my camera for photo 49.

{50} 5-20-12

today, however, I was feeling much better.  so much better in fact, that I thought a craft was in order!  I saw this picture frame jewelry display on Pinterest a while ago, and knew I wanted to make one.  I bought all the supplies I would need - $5 picture frame from Goodwill and aluminum radiator cover from Home Depot, and then it sat in the closet for a month.  but I finally dragged it out along with some spray paint and mod podge, and I had myself a crafty Sunday afternoon.  I think it turned out just fabulous, and I am loving it so far.  It’s actually the first thing we’ve hung on the wall in our bedroom since we repainted it, oh, 2 and a half years ago. (!)

if you are curious, here’s how I made it:

1. as I mentioned, I bought a $5 frame from Goodwill. I made sure to get one with matting, and that wasn’t custom framed (I needed to be able to take out the mat and reuse it) I took everything apart when I got home, and spray painted the wood frame white.  (the frame was pretty beat up already, so after it was all painted I decided to take some sandpaper to it and give it a more distressed look. [I also ran out of spray paint, and it was easier to make it ‘distressed’ than to go to the store] :)

2. I took the mat board out and then used a piece of scrapbook paper to cover it.  I measured and cut the paper into 4 strips, so they wouldn’t overlap.  I attached them with spray adhesive, and then mod podged over the whole thing.

3. The decorative radiator cover came from Home Depot – it was a little pricey at $18 for a 12” x 24” sheet, but it was really the only expense besides the $5 frame, so I figured $23 wasn’t bad for the whole project.  That handyman I live with gave me some metal snips, and I used them to cut it down to size.

4. Once the spray paint and mod podge was dry, I just put the frame back together (leaving out the glass and the backing).  I taped the back to hold it all together with packing tape.

5. I turned it over to the husband at this point, and had him put 2 nails in the wall for me to hang it on.  (I don’t trust myself when things like leveling are involved…)

6. ta da!


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