Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fun in the sun

it had been waaaaay too long since I did an actual photo session with Lexi… so we took care of that.

I’m working on editing the rest of the photos now, but here’s a few to hold you (Sarah) over. :)




This kid just keeps getting cuter… stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

everything’s bigger…

…in Texas!

For the 4th of July, we took a little trip down to Texas to visit some family.  And by little trip, I mean 12 hours in the car each way.  (Although that’s nothin’ compared to our Vegas trip last year.) 

The first day of our trip was spent on the water…one of my favorite places to be. :)


Matt and I enjoyed some tubing with my cousins (who you may remember as the flower girls from our wedding)…


And as you can see Sarah is a super star at knee-boarding!


I was not interested in embarrassing myself, so I left the knee-boarding to the professional.  I did attempt to water ski, but thankfully there aren’t any pictures of that adventure.

That evening, we did some family pictures.  In our coordinating Red, White & Blue, no less. ;)

First up were the 5 grandkids (my second cousins? I think? they are my cousin’s kids, so whatever that makes them…)


And of course a picture of our little family…


And apparently we have a thing for silly pictures in my family…



(that last picture courtesy of my cousin Jen:)

(can we all take a moment to notice that my mom is the one person not sticking out her tongue…ha)

Then, on the 4th we decided to be adventurous.

And by we, I mean my aunt Janet.  She had the grand idea that we should all go and ride a zip line.  As in, jump off a giant tower and then fly down this cord and feel like you’re going to slam into a tree and die.  But it will be fun!!


Do I look scared?  Yeah.


When I looked up and saw how tall (and wobbly!) that tower was I was cursing Aunt Janet.

And then when I got to the top I wanted to turn around and go back to the ground.


But the crazy lady hooking us up (as in, RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE) talked me into doing it.  So I jumped.

And it was SO FUN!!  It was only scary until about 2 seconds after I jumped and then it was pure awesomeness.

I even managed to snap a picture of Matt mid-ride.


See? I wasn’t scared a bit. Ha.

(By the way, of COURSE I had to be the first one to go because I was the only idiot one with a camera)

Although it was fun snapping pictures of everyone else as they flew by. :)


How cute is my mom :)




After our adventurous day, we headed home and got ready for our big night out to watch the fireworks over the lake. 

We watched fireworks at the Ski Lodge, which according to my Aunt Janet makes a killer margarita.


And I happen to agree.  If you can’t tell.

The next day was the last day of our vacation, and after a long day of shopping we headed to San Antonio for dinner and a visit to the Riverwalk.


We stopped to eat dinner at this 24 hour Mexican place (can you say HEAVEN), which had some crazy decor…


(that’s the ceiling!)

And on the way there we saw the Alamo.


We didn’t actually go see the Alamo, we just drove by.  But I still took a picture out the window :)

And then I tried to turn it into a slightly less taken-out-the-car-window picture.


Not bad, eh?

After dinner, we made it to the river walk


My parents.  Aren’t they cute. :)


This looked like the coolest store ever (although it wasn’t open).  And clever marketing to put their website on the window in front of the cool sculpture everyone takes a picture in front of…






After the Riverwalk, we came home, packed up, and then bright and early the next morning we hopped  back on the road for the 12 hour drive home.  Thankfully this road trip wasn’t *quite* as eventful as our Colorado trip last fall…  I haven’t sworn of road trips all together, so I think that is a plus.

Monday, July 18, 2011

2 years and counting

2 years ago at this moment…

I was nervously sitting in a room with my future-husband, my family, and our closest friends.  I was checking my hair, I was making sure I had my bouquet. I was telling my mom to quit peeking into the ceremony room, I was making sure everyone was ready to go.  Because I was only a few minutes away from the big moment, on our big day.

Now, 2 years later, I still remember it like it was yesterday.  And I’m still just as happy as I was on that day.  Actually, probably happier. :)  Mostly because I’m lucky enough to wake up next to these 2 every day:


(and yes, I do wake up to 2 other furry creatures every day as well. :P )

To my hubby, my baby, my rock, my friend: I love you.  Happy 2 years, and here’s to 200 more. :)

to us ~ forever & ever