Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegas! {part one}

The time as finally come for the big recap and all of the photos from our recent trip to fabulous Las Vegas. First of all, let me just tell you that I started with 600+ images. No, I am not kidding. I was able to narrow those down to about 350 “keepers'”, most of which I edited. Then I narrowed that down to about 200 to print and put in a photo album (which has yet to be done…). Then I narrowed that down to 40 to post on the blog. Holy cow was that a lot of narrowing. So this is the short and sweet version of our trip – I didn’t want to bore you with ALL 200 or 350 pictures. But you are welcome to come over and look at my photo album any time you’d like. Assuming I get it done.

Now, on to the fun! I’ve decided to break this up into several posts, so that you don’t fall asleep at your computer trying to get through it all. You’re welcome. Now get out your popcorn…here we go!

This is the first official photo from the trip. Note 1) how excited and happy (and rested) we all look; and 2) the super sweet rental car in the background – a 2010 Ford Flex.IMG_6499

Oh, and let me introduce you to the gang. From left to right that’s me (really?), the hubs, Jeff peeking through, his brother Casey, and Nate.

After this photo we all jumped in the Flex, and hit the road! Then we stopped at Burger King for lunch (where I proceeded to spill ketchup ALL OVER myself. Awesome. Can’t beat the smell of ketchup for 24 hours straight…). But then we really hit the road! And off to Vegas we were.

I snapped a TON of photos along the way, and am actually pretty impressed with some of the shots I was able to get from out the car window…

This one is one of my favorites…I love the rays of sun peeking out of the clouds.IMG_6502

I like the phantom speed limit sign in this one (taken in Arizona – I think? – where yes, you read that right, the speed limit is 75!)IMG_6541 IMG_6548 IMG_6591

The first sign for Vegas…score!

IMG_6595 IMG_6647 IMG_6664

Now, that may have seemed like a short, lovely drive full of beautiful scenery, but don’t let the photos fool you. We drove for 24 hours, through 5 states, 1,500 miles straight only stopping for gas and potty breaks. That is a LOOOOOOOONG time to be in a car (with 4 GUYS mind you). We had a ton of fun, though – we laughed till we cried, we ate munchies like crazy, we listened to great music, we slept, we complained… we did it all. For 24 hours. It would have been more like 20 or 22 hours, but we ran into a BLIZZARD in New Mexico. (What? It snows there?) The snow continued into Arizona (what? it snows there too?), and all in all slowed us down and cost us a good 2 or 3 hours. When you are driving halfway across the country, driving 30 miles per hour on the highway at 4 in the morning is not fun. Just sayin’.

So after a grueling 22 or so hours, we finally got into the great state of Nevada. Then we got stuck in more traffic, but eventually we made it to the Hoover Dam! It finally felt like we were getting close. As scenes from Vegas Vacation ran through my head, we wandered around the dam and did the tourist thing.


We opted not to go on the Dam Tour, just walked around ourselves and took some Dam pictures. :)

Then we saw a Dam chipmunk!IMG_6675



The husband and I at the Dam. Not sure why we decided to pose in front of the construction and random rock tribute rather than the Dam itself…


The first of many “woooo we’re on vacaaation!!!!!” photos. :)IMG_6689

Then we all piled back in the car, and drove for what seemed like 3 more hours. I think it was more like 1 or 2. For some reason I had in my head that we were pretty much in Vegas already, so we could just drive down the street and there The Strip would be. Uh, not so much.

Finally we found our way to Las Vegas Blvd., and drove by the Mandalay Bay where we saw this bad boy-IMG_6724

Yeah baby! We have arrived!

Naturally, we posed for another group photo in the parking lot of the Excalibur, before we went inside to check in.


Note how grungy and stinky we all look after having been in the car for 24 hours. And yes, I changed clothes. Can’t roll into Vegas in PJ pants!

So we made it to Vegas. I think this will be a good stopping point for today. Next up – we roam the streets of Vegas, and go to the most amazing concert EVER! Stay tuned.


  1. I can't count how many times this blog made me laugh. You crack me up! What can I say?! Great pictures!! Great stories.... I really enjoyed this.

  2. I can't count how many times this made me laugh! You crack me up!! What can I say?! Great pictures, Great stories!! I really enjoyed this!


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