Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lexi ~ 4 months {Happy Easter!}

This past weekend I went to visit my niece Lexi once again, for a fun Easter themed photo shoot.  It’s just crazy how fast this little booger is growing!  She gets cuter and cuter by the minute. :)

Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot…

Lexi’s mama got her this adorable Easter basket…don’t you love it?!

Lexi Easter_0114_2 

What could possibly be cuter than a baby butt with a bunny tail on it?!Lexi Easter_001

How ‘bout a baby with bunny ears!

Lexi Easter_002

Or perhaps a basket full of Easter eggs and a baby!

Lexi Easter_0364 Lexi Easter_023

This is one of my favorites

Lexi Easter_006

I just had to get crafty and make her a personalized Easter egg :)Lexi Easter_0260

And who doesn’t love a baby in a tutu?  I seriously LOVE this trend… check out the tutu Lexi’s daddy made her! (Yes, you read that right, Lexi’s DAD made it!)

Lexi Easter_013 

This is another favorite.  I liked the original version, but then decided to give it a little ‘fade’ and now I really love it. Lexi Easter_0206faded 


I’m so proud of myself… I took these on Sunday, and got them uploaded, edited and posted in 2 days!  That is quite an accomplishment, if I may say so myself. :)  The fact that Easter is less than a week away may or may not have had something to do with that…

Happy Easter little miss Lexi!  Can’t wait for our next photo shoot :)


  1. I really love that personalized Easter egg. Turned out great and she has an adorable expression.

    I really love the catchlights you got in #3. Just a little constructive criticism. What were your settings on that one? I think you might have been better off bumping up your shutter speed a tad because it looks like she might have moved some.

  2. Why thank you!

    And yes, you are right...I was kicking myself about that one. We had a heck of a time with the bunny ears (what would you expect with a 4 month old!), and this was the ONLY one where she was looking up at all. A few shots later I did bump up the shutter, but of course, she wasn't looking or the ears were halfway to the floor...

    I appreciate the constructive criticism, though, I am always all ears!! :)


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