Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of my fabulous aunt Rhonda, so I wanted to throw out a little shout-out, and since I actually finished editing the few pictures I took from our celebration this past weekend, I figured what better day to post them than today!

I'm officially a loser, though, because after snapping an entire 10 photos or so, I discovered that my camera battery was dead. Ugh. What kind of photographer shows up with a dead battery?! I managed to get 3 good shots, and then the camera was out of commission while the battery charged. *sigh* lesson learned.

Here is lovely Aunt Rhonda herself. I love this image - just look at that smile! As you can probably tell, we are suckers for funny cards in our family. :)

Speaking of cards...

As usual I took a photo of my crafty Aunt Terri's fantastic handmade card:

And then, right before the camera died, I managed to get a shot of the equally awesome card she got from my uncle:
What a lovely family portrait, huh?! :D Gotta love a last minute card!

Once my battery was re-charged, I ran around outside and got some shots of the doggies playing...which I will hopefully have edited and posted soon. And I promise they are quite a bit more interesting then the whopping 3 images I managed to get from the birthday celebrations...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Rhonda!!

**Edit** At the request of my darling cousin, Shelley (who you may remember from here), I must also say that it was Matt's Uncle Mark's birthday as well! Happy Birthday Uncle Mark!


  1. happy birthday mommy!!! love you!! that was a very nice blog you did...but it is also mark's birthday..maybe you should add to this blog..but just a suggestion

  2. what a fun time! i have also run out of batteries before at the worst of times - it taught me early to always carry a backup. :)


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