Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Power

Well we made it out to the plant sale last weekend, and made it home with lots of purty flowers!  Then on Sunday we got everything planted…about 5 seconds before it started to rain. We’re lucky like that. :)

Remember that empty planter I showed you before?… look at it now!


It’s full of Impatients.  I can’t wait until they grow and start blooming… last year I had TONS of them, and they were beautiful!

These are Petunias…I also can’t wait until they bloom…I’ve never done them before, so we’ll see how they do in our shady yard.



All the new flowers gave me a great excuse to buy some cute new pots. :)IMG_7770

Recognize that table?

Unfortunately they didn’t have any Gerber Daisies at the plant sale…but since they are my most favoritest flower EVA, I went to Wal Mart and grabbed a couple :)



I could seriously photograph these flowers All. Day. Long.  I love them.  IMG_7753

I said all day.  I wasn’t kidding.


We are also being very adventurous this year, and trying our hand at growing something other than flowers…



and Tomatoes!


Using the ever popular “topsy turvy” (As Seen On TV!)

I know what you’re thinking, ‘whoa, an entire TWO plants, don’t overdo yourselves…’  but, hey.  It’s a start.  Considering I can’t even manage to keep the flowers alive most years, it’s quite a brave start at that. :)

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that in a few months I have lots of beautiful images of flowers (and tomatoes!) to show off…

Friday, April 23, 2010

{five on friday} 4.23.10

Well, it's been a while since we've done one of these, hasn't it! Since I don't have many photos to post these days, I thought I would give you another healthy dose of random ramblings. :)

{one} happy earth day
I know, I know, it was yesterday. But still. Happy Earth Day (yesterday)! I hope everyone took a moment to hug a tree, or something. I can't say I did anything incredibly "earthy" myself, other than wish everyone I encountered a Happy Earth Day, and did some research on the flowers I want to plant this year. That's "earthy", right???
{two} flowers!
The husband and I will be venturing out to Ozanam's plant sale tomorrow morning, to purchase some plants and flowers, all while contributing to a good cause! Ozanam is a local treatment center for children in the KC area (read all about them here). Today and tomorrow they are having their annual Thyme for Kids plant sale (which you can read about here). If you hadn't figured it out, this was the cause for my Earth Day research... we have a terribly shady yard, front and back, so I thought it would be smarter to actually educate myself on which types of flowers would do best in the shade, rather than just buy the ones that look pretty and hope they grow - which I may or may not have done in past years. Hopefully in the next week or so I will have lots of pretty flower photos to share!

Impatients & Begonias...the 2 main flowers I will be purchasing and planting!

{three} almost birthday time...
I realized the other day that hubs' birthday is quickly sneaking up on me! Like, as in, it's a week from Monday. Yikes! But no fear, I had a few gift ideas floating around in my head, and as of yesterday have officially decided what to get him. I won't spill the beans here, though, because you know he reads this blog like all. the. time. And! It just dawned on me (and by just I mean literally as I was typing the last sentence...) that I need to get in touch with Annie O to order him a birthday cake! Boy do I love an excuse to order cake frome Annie O... mmm....

{four} spring "cleaning"
This past weekend we did some Spring "cleaning" around the G household. And by "cleaning", I mean decorating. :) They're pretty much the same thing, right?? I bought some shelves at Bed Bath & Beyond I-don't-want-to-admit-how-long ago, and they are finally up on the wall! Along with some art that has been collecting dust, and my beloved college diploma. I may just have to dedicate a separate post to showing off my new wall trimmings in the near future. I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby first, though, in order to find some trinkets to fill my new shelves. (Did someone say Hobby Lobby??? SCORE)

{five} i need it
I was recently perusing one of my new favorite blogs, which I know I have mentioned here before, Pioneer Woman, and she had a contest showcasing Macro Photography. Um, can we say love at first sight? I mean I knew what a Macro lens was, and the possibilities, but seeing so many AWESOME macro shots in one place? Well it made me decide that I NEED a macro lens. I don't know that my bank account agrees with that statement, but let's just say it's on the wishlist. :)

3 samples of the awesomeness that can be achieved with a macro lens... the first is the contest winner, and the second and third are runners up. All equally awesome if you ask me! Click here for the original PW Post.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well hello there!  Look at that, I am still alive! 

Sorry to be MIA for so long…life has just gotten quite hectic!  I also haven’t really picked up my camera much recently, either, so not much to blog about.

But no worries, the camera and I met again, and are back to our old selves. :)

So what has happened since we last blogged…well, Easter for one!  Here are a couple cute images of the munchkin from our little family get together…

Easter2010_0016 lexi bw

Unfortunately, I was lame-o photographer of the year and once again showed up somewhere with a dead camera battery.  *sigh*  When will I ever learn??  {note to self: GO BUY A BACKUP CAMERA BATTERY ALREADY!}  Lucky for me, Lexi’s other (not nearly as cool ;) aunt, Carmen, rescued me and let me borrow her camera.  Somehow, though, I have still yet to get those photos….*ahem, coughcough*  So maybe someday soon I will have the rest of the Easter photos to post… :)

In other news, WINTER IS FINALLY OVER!  Can I get a hallelujah?!  We have been spending as much time as we can outside, and I of course tote my camera along whenever possible.  Of course, it’s not always possible.  Like when I raked leaves for 3 HOURS, all by myself last weekend.  I’m not bitter at all.


See, look!  The sky!  It’s blue!  The sun! It’s shining!   The trees!  They have GREEN!  Alas, SPRING is finally upon us.  {if you couldn’t tell I’m just a *wee bit* excited for spring time}

And I know someone else who is excited… Daisy!


{see how GREEN the grass is?! yay for spring!}




And I am proud to report that my planters and pots are all emptied out and ready to be filled with soil and tons of lovely flowers!


The hubs and I just love sitting out on the deck enjoying the warm weather (while not enjoying listening to Daisy bark at her arch-nemesis squirrel).  Look at that stud…


I’m a lucky gal, I’ll tell you what. :)

Happy Spring!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

We're Famous!

Ok, not really, but still.

So I may have mentioned them before, but the photographers we used to capture our wedding day are probably the coolest, awesomest, most amazing photographers out there (oh, I have mentioned that before? Who knew!). And today, they posted something pretty neat...all about us. :)

Check it out: