Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Power

Well we made it out to the plant sale last weekend, and made it home with lots of purty flowers!  Then on Sunday we got everything planted…about 5 seconds before it started to rain. We’re lucky like that. :)

Remember that empty planter I showed you before?… look at it now!


It’s full of Impatients.  I can’t wait until they grow and start blooming… last year I had TONS of them, and they were beautiful!

These are Petunias…I also can’t wait until they bloom…I’ve never done them before, so we’ll see how they do in our shady yard.



All the new flowers gave me a great excuse to buy some cute new pots. :)IMG_7770

Recognize that table?

Unfortunately they didn’t have any Gerber Daisies at the plant sale…but since they are my most favoritest flower EVA, I went to Wal Mart and grabbed a couple :)



I could seriously photograph these flowers All. Day. Long.  I love them.  IMG_7753

I said all day.  I wasn’t kidding.


We are also being very adventurous this year, and trying our hand at growing something other than flowers…



and Tomatoes!


Using the ever popular “topsy turvy” (As Seen On TV!)

I know what you’re thinking, ‘whoa, an entire TWO plants, don’t overdo yourselves…’  but, hey.  It’s a start.  Considering I can’t even manage to keep the flowers alive most years, it’s quite a brave start at that. :)

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that in a few months I have lots of beautiful images of flowers (and tomatoes!) to show off…


  1. beautiful. Good job.. you are very domestic!! :)

  2. I love all the flowers. I still have yet to plant all of mine from the plant sale.


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