Friday, June 8, 2012

{64} 3.11.12

so, the picture I actually took today didn’t come out how I wanted.  I was going for another letter I need, N, and I just didn’t like the photo after I edited it (some things just don’t convert to black & white nicely).  I am still going to use the idea, just need to do a little re-shoot.

anyway, sticking with the letter theme, I went back and found another letter I needed from our trip to Vegas in March.  I thought I had already edited this one, but I had just filed it away with my other letter photos and not touched it.

{64} 3-11-12

now I have an R!  10 points if you can guess where I took this picture.

yeah, I know, it’s pretty obvious – the Riviera.  good guess :)

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