Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look what ELSE I got!

So I told you the other day about my very cool new camera bag...well today I want to show you the super cool gift my hubby gave me! He actually gave me 2 gifts, the first one was some perfume, not as exiting. Well, it is called Daisy, which just happens to be our puppy dog's name, so that's kind of cool. :)

Anyway, on to the cool, thoughtful, original, homemade gift!

First a little background. Last year around this time, we were hanging out at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I spotted a plant stand on sale for $5. It was small and simple, and just what I had been looking for the previous summer - and on clearance! So I snatched it up, and this year we dug it out of the shed come spring, and put it to good use! It wasn't the most exciting plant stand, but hey it served it's purpose.

Now just a few weeks ago my hubby was telling me about a kitchen he was working on remodeling (he does that stuff for a living you know... click here to check out his website - I know, I know, shameless plug :), and was telling me that the tile they picked out was really nice, and he just knew it would be something I'd love. Well he took a picture once it was finished, brought it home to show me, and by golly he was right! I told him he could go ahead and do our kitchen backsplash with this tile at any time. :)

So I'm sure you are wondering how these 2 stories are connected... well. Don't ask me how he got the idea, but he decided that as a little ad hoc gift, he would rip out the original top to my plant stand, and replace it with some leftover scraps of the tile I love from that job! Random? Yes! Awesome? Totally! I was totally surprised when I saw it, in fact I couldn't even remember what it had looked like before! Luckily the hubs knows me pretty well, and took a "before" picture. :) I of course had to make him take an "after" shot too, so that I could share this awesomeness!






How awesome is that!? Now, the OCD in me is a *teeny, tiny* bit stressed that the one dark square isn't in the center...but I am told that this is just the nature of this tile, and there was nothing he could do about it. :) I'm sure spread out over an entire backsplash the differences in the tile would look really nice. Not that this doesn't look nice! It looks about 100 times better than before! And still only cost $5. Can't beat that! Way to go hubby!

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