Friday, November 13, 2009

Congrats Caitlin!

Last weekend we celebrated my cousin, Caitlin's graduation. I know this isn't typically the time of year for graduating, but at her school they don't do typical semesters, so it worked out that this was when she graduated. And I must say, from what I have heard she was a ROCK STAR in all of her classes, breezing through college with some seriously awesome grades. Way to go Caitlin!!

Anyway, like I mentioned we celebrated this past weekend at Mama T's, and of course I took some photos! Enjoy!

Here's Caitlin...anxiously awaiting gift time!
Opening crafty Aunt Terri's super cute card :)
This was a really neat gift - yes, I know it looks odd to get a Christmas decoration for a graduation gift, but it was actually something that Caitlin purchased years ago and asked our Uncle Keith to paint for her (he's one of those artist dudes...). As you can see, Uncle Keith is pretty amazing. I would never have known that it was hand painted, it looks like it came that way!
Here is what the piece looked like before (just bare wood)
And after! How AWESOME did he do?!

And now on to the best part of the celebration...the CAKE!! Caitlin spoke with my super-awesome wedding cake baker, Annie O. and came up with probably one of the coolest cake designs ever. No, seriously, we were all speechless when we saw this bad boy (and that doesn't happen often in my family!). Caitlin is a movie buff, an extreme movie buff. So naturally, her cake was movie themed.

Ummm coolest cake you've ever seen? Yeah I thought so! As you can see, on the top is a Hollywood Star with her name in gold, and all around the edges are the covers to some of her favorite movies. Then to top it all off there are little pieces that represent other movies here and there (like the whip - from Indiana Jones, the ring - from Lord of the get the idea)

So if you are in need of a cake, for any reason, call Annie! She is AMAZING! Not to mention her cake is to die for. Seriously, it is SO yummy. Click here to visit her website (and if you just happen to be browsing the photos of wedding might just see mine!)

Congrats, Caitlin!

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