Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthdy to ME!

Last weekend was my "birthday weekend" (I've said it my family you don't just get a day, you get a whole weekend!) This of course kicked off with the usual Saturday celebration at Mama T's. Unfortunately, there aren't many photos... for one, I was a *little* busy, you know, being the BIRTHDAY GIRL! And also I put the hubs in charge of the camera, and, well, lets just say he doesn't quite have the love for photography that I do, so he didn't take nearly as many photos as I would have.

Either way, I do have a few images, and of course I will share! :)

Here I am opening my way-cool present (which I showed off here just the other day!)

And here I'm opening another sweet gift...KU gear! You can never have too much KU gear!

And then we have the most important part, the cake! My family is super duper awesome, and went to my fabulous cake lady extraordinaire, Annie O, and got me my very own birthday cake! It was a chocolate cake, with fresh strawberry filling, vanilla butter cream on the outside, and topped with chocolate ganache. Can you say Y.U.M. Of all the cake I have had from the amazing Annie O (including my wedding cake), I'm pretty sure this was my favorite. I had never had this chocolate ganache stuff before, but oh man I didn't know what I was missing! Oh what I would do for a piece of that cake right now!




So like I said...not many photos, that's all I got. But it was a great celebration, and a great birthday weekend!! Stay tuned, tomorrow I'm going to tell you all about the gift my oh-so-thoughtful husband gave me! :)

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