Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Little Recap...

Well, the 4-day weekend is coming to an end...and although I am not thrilled to go back to work tomorrow, I am ready to get back to life. This weekend has been exhausting.

Thanksgiving was great - we ate tons of turkey, and spent great quality time with the family. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many photos. I guess the whole stuffing my face thing took over. :) I did get one shot, of my dad-
He is notorious for spilling something on his shirt at every family meal, and it was no different on Thanksgiving! :)
It was certainly a great day - we ate, we hung with the family, we went to K-Mart (somewhat of a tradition now...), and we came home and had a nice relaxing evening together with a bottle of wine. It was our first big holiday as a married couple, and it was wonderful!

Black Friday was also fabulous!! Ash and I left the house bright and early at about 3am, and headed for Wal Mart. We stood in line for a solid hour and a half, got our TVs (score!) as well as a bunch of other sale items we were going for. I think we set some sort of a record - we were done shopping, and back in bed at home by 8am. I won't lie, if we had just a *smidge* more money in the bank, we may have stayed out longer, but we pretty much wiped ourselves clean. :) All in the name of a good deal - it was totally worth it!! I will post some pics of our fantastic new TV and new Christmas tree soon!

Saturday we spent more time with the family, celebrating my Uncle Keith's birthday. Again, not too many photos...but we had a wonderful time! We also went out to dinner and out for ice cream afterwards, it was a fun evening!

Now it's Sunday, and the weekend is coming to an end. I've cleaned the house top to bottom, and started putting up the holiday decor. We got all of our outdoor decorations up on Friday, taking advantage of the beautiful weather! I will post a few teaser shots now, but don't worry, more to come! I'm taking a short break from the decorating to blog, but once I'm done I'll be sure to snap plenty of photos!

Here's a little sneak peak of my new FAVORITE decoration...
My light up hippo!!!! She is just TOO cute. :)
And a peek at our outdoor lights - which worked for all of 5 minutes while I took the photo, and have now blown a fuse. :( So, we only get half at a time right now, but the hubs is working on it ;)
Well, that's it for my recap! I hope that everyone else had as busy and fun of a weekend as we did, and spent lots of good quality time with the family. I'm so thankful for my family and our closeness, this time of year always reminds me how great it is!

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