Monday, November 16, 2009


I can't believe that this year is flying by so's already fall! Can we just take a moment to talk about this year's CRAZY Kansas weather? First we had a lovely mild complaints there - made my wedding day FABULOUSLY cool and refreshing. Well then it appeared we had skipped right over fall and went straight into winter with the cold temperatures moving in so soon. Now that it really is fall, the weather seems to be confused again because our temperatures are uncharacteristically warm. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of RAIN we have had during this time. I mean, really, we all knew what we were getting into being in the Midwest, but make up your mind please Mother Nature! Give us our seasons, and in order please!

Ok, now that I've vented, let's talk about the current situation. :) Fall. Fall is a lovely season, the weather is perfect - not too hot, but not too cold, the trees are changing colors, it's just all around beautiful. Of course for us homeowners with lots of trees, we also have those lovely LEAVES everywhere. They are gorgeous if you ask me, but also a bit of a pain (especially if you ask my husband...). Last week, I was outside with the dog and decided to snap a few pictures of the leaves around me, they were looking particularly pretty that day.



My hubby is Mr. Yard work extraordinaire, and spent one of his recent days off raking. And boy did he rake. We have I think 13 trees in our back yard alone, so we had a TON of leaves. And we still do. I think he counted 26 huge 55 gallon bags of leaves he raked that day. :O Can you say back breaker?! They are going to a friend of our neighbors to be burned eventually, but for now, they sit in the yard as a reminder of all that hard work..
(as you can see, the trees have no mercy. Matt couldn't even get the yard raked before the leaves started falling again. At least now you can see grass...)

I think this is the last of it though, as our trees are currently looking pretty bare...

So raking #1 for the year is done, but a round 2 certainly wouldn't hurt...and it's either now or never. They're calling for snow within the next couple weeks! Guess it's out with fall, and in with winter!

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