Sunday, November 15, 2009


I think I may have mentioned it before...but my most favoritest band in the whole wide world is the one and only... 311. These awesome guys just happen to be coming in town right in time for my birthday weekend, and by the time this posts (shh it's not actually Sunday as I'm writing this) I will be gearing up for their show!! I used to keep count, but somewhere in my move from Lawrence to Olathe I managed to lose my awesome collection of ticket stubs (I am still VERY sad about that), so I am not positive how many concerts of theirs I've actually been to. My best guess is that it's around 12. And I've seen them in 3 states so far (Kansas, Nebraska & Tennessee), and in March we'll make it a 4th (we're going to VEGAS baby!!). Anyway, since like I said I will be jamming out at their concert tonight, I thought I would share with you some of my love for 311...

First of all, if you've never heard them before - you are missing out.

Click HERE to watch their newest video, Hey You. This is off of their newest album, "Uplifter".

Click HERE to watch an older video, for their song Down. These guys have been around a while :) This one dates back to 1995!

And, just for fun, click HERE to watch their video for Love Song, which if you came to my wedding you may remember from our first dance :) This is actually a cover song, but they still rocked it out!

Ok, now that you are familiar with these guys and their music, I will share some pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't take these. :( I have yet to figure out how I can get a press pass so I can bring my camera in to the show and hang out like 2 inches in front of the stage. Amazingly, Josh Solar of Solar Photographers has figured this out, becuase the last time 311 was in town, he got to shoot at the concert! Can we say JEALOUS?! Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots that he took back in June at City Market... (to see the rest click here)

This is Nick, the lead singer. Ladies...yeah I know what you're thinking...H-O-T-T.
And this is Nick with the Bass guitarist, you can see, they rock it out.
Still rockin it out
And here is a totally sweet view of the crowd. Can you see us?! We're the ones out there with our hands up, jammin out! ;)

So there you have it, folks. The greatest band ever. Well at least in my opinion. :)

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