Thursday, November 5, 2009


While I was surfing the DPS site yesterday looking for portrait tips, I came across an article which screamed my name: "25 Inspirational Dog Portrait Photographs". As I mentioned the other day, I am an animal lover. And my most favoritest animal? You guessed it, DOGS. One of the reasons we chose the Solars as our wedding photographers was because not only are they great at photographing people, but they are also great at (and love) photographing dogs!

So today I bring you 6 of my favorite Dog Portraits. To see all 25, click here.

This just makes me want to curl up and snuggle with this little guy...
Image by Brian Hathcock

I love the vibrant color in this one.
Image by shashchatter

This guy looks like he just had a loooong day of running around outside :)
Image by zenera

There are several pugs in our family, so this one is near and dear to me.
Image by e³°°°

This one is just awesome. I hope I can get a shot of Daisy like this some day.
Image by Amnemona

And last but not least...

I love the artistic nature of this one. It has totally inspired me to create some doggy art photos in the future...
Image by LunaDiRimmel

I definitly hope to venture into doggy/pet portraits one of these days. I suppose you could say I've dabbled, since I photograph my own pets non-stop, but I'd like to try out some of the techniques in these shots, and get some more original images.

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