Saturday, November 14, 2009

Laundry Time

Whenver it's laundry folding time at the G house, it tends to become a family event. Don't ask me why. And don't get confused, the family doesn't actually help with the laundry folding, they just all gather around and get in my way...they're lucky they're all cute!

So the other night during some family laundry time, I decided to break out the camera. :)

This handsome guy loves to just lay on the bed and snuggle with the animals while I do the hard work.

Said snuggling.

Daisy usually gets confused and thinks its bedtime, so she just curls up and conks out.

Marley is my true laundry buddy. If a laundry basket is anywhere near him - full or not - he will be inside in a matter of seconds.

I can't even imagine what laundry time will turn into once we have kids...

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