Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Already shopping...

So remember in my post the other day about Black Friday that sweet TV on sale at Wal-Mart I said I had my eye on? Well, Matt and I decided that it will be our Christmas gift to eachother. :) We are going to purchase it (assuming Ash and I can brave the crowds and get one!) instead of buying each other a big gift. AWESOME. I am so so so so so excited it's not even funny.

So excited in fact that I've already started shopping for a TV stand to put it on. :D The entertainment center we currently have is about as old as our TV (actually probably older) and in no way would it work for a flat screen. Darn. The hubs said he would modify it (i.e. chop the top off...) but I thought we could spring for a new stand and just call that part of the Christmas gift. Good plan, huh?! ;)

So here are a few I've found so far that I'm liking...

This one is at Nebraska Furniture Mart, and I love the style and design, I just need it to be a dark brown rather than black.

This one is at Wal Mart and I believe they called it a "TV Armoir". Ha! How cool. I love all of the drawers...pretty much anything with storage potential is amazing in my opinion. However not sure if it looks to "bedroom-y"

I think this is my best find so far. It's the right color, still has a little storage, and is actually made as a corner unit, which what do ya know is where we're putting it! If I remember right it was on sale for $67...not too shabby!

So the hunt is on. I can't bring home a TV and not have anywhere to put it! I know it's a Christmas gift, but uh, who wants to wait a whole month to watch TV in HD?? Not I!

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