Friday, August 3, 2012

{week 9}

 9 weeks

Week 9 (July 28Aug 3)

This week has been relatively uneventful, which is actually quite fantastic if you ask me.  We hardly had any plans for the weekend, and I couldn’t have been more excited on Sunday to have a whole day to ourselves with nothing specific to do.  We managed to sleep in, lounge around (my new favorite thing to do…) and even get quite a few things done around the house.  The most exciting being hanging a medicine cabinet in our bathroom finally!  I know, that does not sound like highlight-of-the-weekend material, but let me tell you: we gutted and remodeled this bathroom almost 2 years ago.  2 YEARS.  And up until Sunday, we had a giant blank space on the wall above the toilet, just waiting for a cabinet.  It’s mostly my fault that it took this long, as I just never found the perfect cabinet – well, let me rephrase that.  I found plenty of perfect cabinets, just none cheap enough for my budget.  Enter a Home Depot gift card.   Now our bathroom looks nice and finished, and I have tons of storage space.  In a bathroom as small as ours, adding more storage space is like winning the lottery.  Anyway, the rest of the week has consisted of a lot of Olympics watching, napping, and the occasional chore.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

Size of baby: Green Olive  (funny story: Matt and I were at the grocery store this week, and we stopped at the olive section to pick up a jar of green olives, hold it up to my stomach, and ooh and aah over the fact that one of those (only slightly more human) is currently growing in my belly.  It was truly fascinating, let me tell you.)

Total weight gain/loss: early in the week, it was still nada.  Although the past 2 days I have felt like my stomach is starting to…bulge?  I know it is most likely bloat, or some intestines trying to find a place to go with my ever-expanding uterus, but still.

Maternity clothes? Not yet, although I can see some work pants in my near future.  They are starting to get a little tight.

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: Well, I finally gave in and took an hour nap after work one day this week.  It. Was. Glorious.  I’ve been sleeping decent at night, although getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night is becoming a regular occurrence. 

Symptoms: The fatigue is back, and with a vengeance.  The nap I took after work this week was not intentional, I just simply could not muster up the energy to move, and about 5 minutes after I hit the couch, it was all over.  Speaking of sleep, oh the dreams I’m having!  I am having SUCH vivid dreams every night, usually incredibly strange, but I tend to remember them for at least a day or two.  I still get nauseous when I get really hungry, but thankfully my routine of eating every couple of hours seems to hold that off pretty well.

Best moment this week: Is it sad that I want to say my nap the other day?  I guess it’s a tie between that and finally having a medicine cabinet in my bathroom.  Wow…an exciting life I lead, isn’t it?

Have you told family and friends: Still just about the same group of immediate family and close friends know.  We have our next appointment next week, and after that (assuming everything is ok) I think we’ll be ready to spill to our friends and everyone else.  I’ll probably wait to tell my work until I’m showing and they can figure it out for themselves, but hopefully after next week this won’t have to be a secret anymore.  Hooray!

Miss Anything? Alcohol is starting to sound reeeeallllly good again.

Movement: not yet

Food cravings: I had Chinese for dinner the other night, in a moment of weakness.  It was delicious, and completely worth the diet cheat.  I had Mongolian BBQ for lunch today, and although it was only an hour ago that I ate it, I think I’m already craving it again.  I forgot how yummy that place is, and I want to go back!

Anything making you queasy or sick: mostly just when I get too hungry.  Although I’m noticing I do have a bit of a weaker stomach than I ever did before.  Things that would normally make me just say “eww, gross” (like a close up shot of dental work being done on TV, for example), now make me want to instantly vomit.  As long as I look away, it subsides, but I definitely never had this problem before!

Have you started to show yet: technically not yet, but I have a feeling that it’s right around the corner.  And (although I may wish to retract these words in a few months), I’m really excited for it!  I think it will make this all so much more real.

Gender prediction: still leaning towards girl, but I have been trying to think of boy names this week.  Since we only have ever agreed on one name, and it’s a girl name, logic tells me that we will be having a boy.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and tired. :)

Looking forward to: our doctor’s appointment next week!  We should get to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler, or we may get another ultrasound.  Either way I’m excited for another confirmation that this is indeed still real, and that everything is moving along ok.  (not to mention a nice long lunch break, and getting to hang with Matt during the day!)

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