Thursday, August 30, 2012


keeping with the theme of announcing big news…


surprise! the mister and I are expecting a little bundle of joy, due in March.  we couldn’t be more excited!  so far, I am enjoying this pregnancy thing, and haven’t been too terribly miserable.  those first few weeks were a bit of a doozy, but I’m feeling pretty darn good at this point.  I’m 13 weeks along right now, so only 27 more to go!  Woah.

I’ve been writing little weekly updates since I found out, and taking weekly pictures too.  So I’m going to go back and post the ones I’ve done already, and then I’ll try and keep up with them weekly going forward.  I’m posting these mostly for myself, so I have this adventure documented somewhere, so please feel free to ignore them if reading about morning sickness and cravings aren’t your idea of a good time. :)  If you really want to hear all about the happenings of my uterus, feel free to scroll down (magically, I am posting them back at the time I wrote them, rather than today.  gotta love technology).

so, like I said the other day, things will be a changin’ around here… you’re welcome to buckle up and come along for the ride :)

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