Saturday, October 10, 2009

Major Accomplishment!

So it's 12:30am on a Friday (ok technically Saturday now I guess...) and here I sit on my laptop watching wedding shows on TLC. You don't have to remind me how cool I am. Did I mention that the hubs is asleep on the couch next to me and has been for about 2 hours? Yeah. We are that awesome.

Anywhoo...I have to relish in my accomplishment tonight, and since it has to do with photos, where better to do that then my photography blog?! Basically what it comes down to is I am now the queen of Snapfish. :) About the time I got my DSLR camera, is pretty much when I stopped doing anything (other than blogging of course) with all of the photos I've taken. Don't ask me why this is, but it just came to me the other day. I used to promptly upload, order prints, and fill up photo albums with each event that came and went. Currently, though, I can't even remember the last time I added photos to a photo album. That, my friends, is not good. This is not something you can just fall behind in, because life goes on, and photos keep coming. Well, I've found myself behind, and have since committed myself to playing a huge game of catch-up. Now that I've started, though, I've realized what an undertaking it is.

So tonight, I have completed step 1. Uploading ALL of the "good" photos from the past 9 months to Snapfish. I'm doing this for a couple reasons. For one, I like to be able to share photos with friends and family. Snapfish makes this easy. Also, I am going to need to order a TON of prints. I can't quite afford to do this all at once, but slowly but surely I will be ordering prints of almost all of the photos I uploaded. Snapfish has reasonable prices, usually has some type of sale or promotion, and will mail them to me! And lastly, I like to have my photos in another location besides my laptop, just in case. Having my last laptop stolen, and losing 3 months worth of photos (yes, I know, it was my fault for not backing them up often enough) has traumatized me for life. (Apparently not that much, though, because I have yet to back up these 9 months worth of photos on my external hard drive...hmm...maybe I should add that to the list). Basically what it comes down to is that Snapfish was a good one-stop-shop for me to upload, print, store, and enjoy the ridiculous amount of photos I take on a regular basis. Let me tell you how HAPPY I am to have this step complete. It took an outrageous amount of time, but was worth it. And of course, I vow to keep up on it, so my collection is always current. Next step: order prints. (ok maybe I should change that to 1. save up money, 2. order prints) Then I will have to find some major time to work on the photo albums. But I will save that for another Friday night. :)

Also of note...while waiting for pictures to upload, I was quite productive! I found an amazing camera bag I'm pretty sure I need (the fabric design is customizable...and there are about a MILLION choices!) I also managed to learn a thing or two...I discovered where I read all about Aperature, Shutter Speed, ISO, and more! I know I learned about all these concepts in photography class in high school, but of course that was back in the old film days. Also, I did read the manual for my DSLR, but this was a good basic description of all the principles, and I learned a lot of helpful tips that I will be trying out soon! I have definitely bookmarked this site, as it is FULL of information. If you are at all interested in photography, I recommend checking it out!

Well, now it's 1:00am, and I've officially spent too long on the computer tonight. (by the way, blogger, you are not my friend tonight...) The hubs is awake, has relocated to the bedroom, and I think I will follow. :)

P.S. I thought I vowed never to post without a picture, but I am breaking that. I tried, but like I said, blogger is not my friend. So just imagine that there is a lovely photo below... and goodnight.

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