Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dog Park

Warning: more pictures of Daisy...sorry, still haven't found other subjects :)

Since the weather had finally started getting nicer (funny I say that...currently there is a good 2 inches of snow on the ground, and it's still coming down...only in the midwest...) we've been taking lots of trips to the dog park. Daisy's favorite park is Heritage, where there is lots of room to run around. She also likes going to Shawnee Mission, where there are lots of trails. Even though I get made fun of (ahem, Matt...) I love to bring my camera when we go to the dog park. Daisy is just too cute when she's running around and playing with her doggy friends. :)

These next pictures are from our last few trips to Heritage. I decided to combine them all into one post instead of a post for each trip. However, that being said, I cannot make any promises that there won't be a lot more posts like this once the weather warms back up again. :)

I absolutely love this picture. You can tell I don't have much of a zoom lens (YET), but I still think it's awesome how tiny Daisy looks with that huge lake behind her. And her little curly tail just kills me...
Daisy's favorite thing to do at the dog park is to play fetch with her dad.
Once he throws that ball, she is gone. And whenever he has the ball out, Daisy has a one-track-mind. She could care less that there are 10 dogs trying to play with her, all she cares about is the ball!
Shameless plug for Matt's company. :) Great advertising, huh?!
Daisy likes going to the park with her cousin, Mackey - the horse aka Great Dane. They both will go to the lake to get a drink, but absolutely will not go in any deeper than they can reach. :)
Mackey and her mom, Shelley.
Don't they look like they are having a deep conversation here...
Daisy also loves going to the dog park with her other cousins, Tank and Roxy. Here they are walkin' along (singin' a song...siiiide by side... :)
They didn't want to pose for very many photos that day, but this was one (of maybe two) times when Tank looked up at me.
Again with the water. She will avoid the deep water like the plague, but give her a mud puddle like this and she will tromp right through it. (I think she just likes to make us wash her off when we get home...)
One of the times we went to Heritage, I decided to take some shots of the scenery as well...

These next shots are pretty awesome if I may say so myself. I believe you call this "flare" (or so I've seen on other professional photographer's blogs ;) I have no idea how I did it, other than point the camera right at the sun, but a couple of the shots came out really cool looking.

And my favorite picture of baby walkin' along with all the doggys...


  1. it looks like you all had a good time; i can see you're starting to see things through the eye of a photography lens! :)

    if you're looking for new perspective, consider swinging by this great blog called "her space my space his space" everyday they have a different theme that you use to find inspiration for a photo. it's a load of fun!!

  2. Great shot for the "curl" prompt. I saw on your "About Me" you're getting married on July 18th. I got married on July 18th (in 1998) - small world! Hope to see you around HSMSHS more!


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