Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Kitties

Since I already introduced you to Daisy, I thought I'd start off with my other fur-babies, my kitties. First up, is my handsome little man, Marley. He appeared outside of our house one day, and of course joined our family the moment I came home and saw him :)
We lovingly refer to him as "goat boy" because of his sweet little goatee which you can see perfectly in this shot...

Next up is my beautiful little girl. Disclaimer: I did not name her. This is Dammit. Yes, that's what I said, her name is Dammit. We have Matt to thank for that one. Dammit found Matt just before I moved in. She is much more of an attention lover than Marley, so there are quite a few more shots of her.
She loves to be snuggled. Ok, maybe it's Matt that loves it, but it's cute either way... :)
I love how she sits so proper... such a lady...

This is one of my favorite shots of her. Doesn't it look like she's saying "cheeeeeeese"?!
So now you've met my kitties. Sorry for the delay in posting, I know you have all been anxiously awaiting more pictures (ahem, coughcough SARAH coughcough :)
Remember, I am an ameature, and still learning to use my camera, so don't make fun...I also don't have any photo editing software *yet*, so these are just "raw" images straight from my camera.
I'm working my way up, slowly but surely...

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  1. lol my cats don't smile! that's a great picture!! i'm going to need to work on my felines being a little more up for picture taking now that i've seen this!!


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