Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here are some more of my favorties that I've taken of Daisy in the past couple weeks - like I mentioned before, I don't have many subjects to shoot... :)

Showing off the "bling" collar that Mommy got her for Christmas :) (it matches her cousin Roxy's)

someone's getting tired of all the pictures...
I took these next couple when we were on our way to the dog park one evening. We got stuck at a train, and Daisy was so interested in all of the smells and noises outside.
probably about time to wipe down my side mirrors, huh....

I couldn't decide if this one was cuter with her eyes closed or you get both!

It really is a miracle that I narrowed about 400 images of my stinky-poo down to those 8...but don't worry. I have a few more posts up my sleeve for today (and several include Daisy :)...

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  1. you have a very adorable (not to mention photogenic) dog!!


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