Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's SPRING!! (today...)

Look! The sun! It really does exist!!!!

Since the sun FINALLY decided to grace us with it's presence (and warmth) today, I busted out the camera. Nothing exciting to shoot, just the backyard. But at least there was SUN and LIGHT and GRASS in the backyard today! Only 10 days ago it looked like this... Yeah. Welcome to Kansas. I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it's freaking APRIL. For today she's gotten the memo...but I wouldn't break the swimsuits and sunscreen out just yet...

On with the randomness that is my backyard...

our cute birdhouse that I bought especially because it was blue to match our house :) yeah, I'm a dork like that.

Matt's beloved horseshoe pit. His comment on seeing this shot: "Too bad I didn't actually throw that ringer. That would have been way cooler." Typical guy.

Aaaaand that's all I got. I know, you were expecting more, weren't you. Sorry, the backyard just isn't that exciting. I could have taken pictures of the giant mud pits, pile of trash from the remodel, or various rocks that Daisy has so kindly placed ALL OVER the yard, but those just weren't sparking my creative interests. So this will just have to do.


  1. I'm going to guess the bird house is your "bird" post. Great pictures BTW. My hubby loves horseshoes too. Hey look, the horseshoe is blue to match the house too! :)

  2. Love your matching bird house :) and the horseshoe.Nice pics, love the dof

  3. Looks like you've got a lovely house for all of our birds. Fun shots.

  4. I want to see pictures of mud!! :)


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