Friday, March 1, 2013

{week 39}

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… this could very well be the last one of these updates I write.  Ahh!  It’s looking like baby girl will be here sooner rather than later.  Eek!

 39 weeks

 Week 39 (Feb 23 – Mar 1)

Operation Prepare for Baby Girl’s Arrival, as well as Snowmageddon 2013 both continued this week.  Over the weekend, we went to an open house for the new birth center at the hospital we’re delivering at – let me tell you, it is NICE!  I’m pretty excited that we’ll be some of the first people to use the nice, new, shiny rooms there. :)  Sunday I went to a bridal fair with Jess, which of course was so much fun.  Although I found it funny that several vendors were chasing me down (namely a photographer who said she loooves taking pictures of babies – thanks, but I already have a great photographer!).  We made it back into work on Monday, but that was short-lived as the snow started falling that evening, and didn’t really stop.  Another 10 or so inches later, and Tuesday was another snow day.  Well, for Matt.  I worked from home. I also worked from home on Wednesday, until Matt came to pick me up to go to our doctor’s appointment.  Little did I know what was in store for us…

Doctor appointment update: I was seeing a different doctor this week as mine was out, and our appointment got moved from Tuesday to Wednesday.  What I thought was another boring routine appointment was anything but.  When the nurse took my blood pressure first thing after taking us back, she was not happy.  It was 150/100, which is not only high in general, it’s very high for me.  High blood pressure and pregnancy don’t mix, so the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound test – a biophysical profile – to check on baby girl.  We were sent out to the waiting room and I all but panicked.  Matt helped to calm me down, but I won’t lie, I was very freaked out.  (Especially because the nurse made a comment - “you might be having this baby sooner than you thought!” – um, WHAT?!)  We went back for the ultrasound, and I will say it was comforting to get to see our girl again (although the bigger they get the harder it is to tell what you’re looking at on the screen…).  The test didn’t take long, and we were told that everything looked great and there were no issues with baby.  WHEW.  They had me hang out in a recliner for a few minutes to rest, and then came back to check my blood pressure again.  This time it was lower, so that was definitely a good sign.  We met with the doctor and he said that it was a good sign baby got 8/8 on her test, and that my BP went down with rest.  He wanted to give my doctor a chance to make the call on what to do next, so they scheduled us for an appointment at 9:45 the next morning, and sent me home to rest.  Woah.  For a minute I sincerely thought they were going to send me straight over to the hospital to be induced, and my biggest fear was coming true.  Thankfully I dodged that bullet.  I went home and while I tried to rest as much as possible, I basically went into prepare mode – I wrapped everything I could up at work, and told them I was very likely starting my maternity leave the next day, and then I tried to check every remaining thing possible off my “get ready for baby list”.  I was glad I got to go home that day and not straight to the hospital, but we weren’t out of the park just yet.  Thursday we went in for our appointment with my doctor, and the dreaded blood pressure check.  Once again it was a little lower, and after rest it went down even more.  I was relieved, thinking that everything was good to go – until the doctor came in.  She was concerned with my blood pressure levels over the past 2 days.  Even though they were close to normal after rest, the numbers are still high for me.  This could be an early sign of preeclampsia, which is not something you want to mess with.  Her suggestion was for me to come in Friday night to the hospital, and be induced on Saturday morning (my due date).  SAY WHAT.  I really really really don’t want to be induced, like willing to avoid this at all costs, and I told her that.  She wasn’t very thrilled about it, but agreed that I don’t have to schedule the induction just yet.  I have another BP check Friday (today) at 2pm, and then if I don’t induce or go into labor naturally over the weekend, I’ll see her again on Monday for another bio-physical profile, and I’m assuming no choice but to schedule an induction.  GAH!  When I spoke to our doula after the first appointment on Wednesday, she reassured me that this wasn’t a huge concern, there was no reason to induce just yet, and I could very easily do what I can to keep my blood pressure down and let this baby cook until she’s ready to come out.  After the appointment yesterday I was a bit flustered, but I came back to reality and realized it’s my body and my baby and whatever is going to happen is going to happen.  So, that being said, assuming my BP isn’t crazy high at today’s appointment, the plan this weekend is to try any and all natural methods of induction and go into labor on my own so that I don’t have to have the induction talk on Monday.  Either way, the moral of the story is: WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!  Holy cow!  I’ve crossed the bridge and I’m no longer freaking out at the thought of her being here, I am now just focusing on avoiding an induction.  If it doesn’t work out, and I do have to be induced next week, so be it, but if I can talk this girl into making her appearance this weekend instead I would be much happier. :)  So, stay tuned I guess!  Chances are, the next update will involve a big announcement. :) 

Size of baby: WATERMELON

Total weight gain/loss:  51 lbs. {on Wednesday it was up to 54 but I was uber-swollen that day, so I’m going with yesterday’s weight :)}

Maternity clothes: this question is officially pointless.

Stretch marks? a few little guys here and there, but I got lucky and don’t have any big ones, thank goodness.

Sleep: still nonexistent.  

symptoms: see update above.  PUPPP, high blood pressure, swelling… you name it.

Best moment this week: starting maternity leave!!  it was a little bitter sweet, and unexpected, but it is kind of amazing to think that I don’t have to go to work again until MAY.

Movement: the ultrasound confirmed she is not in fact sideways, but is quite crammed in there.  She’s a lot more active at night now…ugh. 

Food cravings:  Dr. Pepper still, but I’m avoiding caffeine so as not to spike my BP.

Anything making you queasy or sick: not this week

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!

Belly Button in or out? It’s the tiniest little bit out, but I’m still calling it in.  Yes, still.

Wedding rings on or off? Off  

Happy or Moody most of the time: excited for the most part, but obviously a bit nervous about this whole BP situation.

Looking forward to:  MEETING OUR BABY GIRL!

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