Tuesday, March 19, 2013

my newest love

so, I know I owe you an update on what went down after my week 39 post, and how that darling little girl of ours came into the world.  let’s just say it’s a long story. :)   the reader’s digest version:  I ended up having to be induced, I was in labor for almost 40 hours, I pushed for 3 1/2 hours, I didn’t have any pain medication, and I have the most beautiful little girl to show for it.  Also: I have the most amazing husband and a wonderful doula to thank for getting me through it all.  I will write out the full version to share at some point, but for now I will hold you over with a bunch of pictures.  I’m sure you won’t mind. :)

these are all cell phone pictures, but don’t worry, I’ve taken a million pictures with my big camera too, just haven’t gotten them uploaded and edited yet.  oh, and a new weekly photo segment is also coming, so stay tuned for that.  but in the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite moments from the past 2 weeks with the newest love of my life, miss Lilly:


I took this picture at something like 2am the night she was born…Matt was passed out on the couch in our hospital room, and all I could do was stare at this amazing little person and watch her sleep.  As tired as I was (and I was EXHAUSTED), I just couldn’t get enough of her, and couldn’t believe she was actually outside of my belly.


this girl already has her daddy wrapped around her finger…he is so in love, and it’s quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed. :)


ready to go home from the hospital!


first doctor’s appointment…healthy as can be!


dad’s new favorite afternoon activity:



(I realized I had a million pictures of her and Matt already and none of me with her, so I made Matt take a few – I did not, however, consider how frumpy I was looking at the time…yikes.)


happy 311 day :)  (of course I’ve already put my child in a 311 outfit…come on, would you expect any less?!)


and of course she has to sport her KU gear…she was born in March after all!


watching the game with dad (well, one of them was watching the game…)



4 generations, on both sides of the family





taking this picture was about the most eventful thing we did for St. Patrick’s day this year (unless you count her first trip to the grocery store…).  7 St. Pat’s Days ago was Matt and my first date ~ I never imagined that day that 7 years later we’d be married with a baby girl…who knew I would be so lucky :)



I can’t believe how in love with this girl we are already…I knew having a baby would be life changing, but no one can explain to you how amazing it really is.  I could just sit and stare at her all day long…and in fact, I do just that sometimes. :) 

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