Friday, March 1, 2013

{week 38}

 38 weeks

Week 38 (Feb 16 – Feb 22)

This week was Operation Prepare For Baby's Arrival.  The past couple of weeks I have been slowly freaking out at how soon my due date is, and how little I feel like I've done to prepare.  So this week I focused my energy on preparing anything and everything possible, if nothing else to calm the anxiety a bit. :)

Naturally, the first thing I did to start preparing was to shop.  :)  I was feeling like I didn't have enough clothes for baby girl for her first months (you know, because she's going to be such a social butterfly during that time…) and I was also feeling like I didn't have any real decor for the nursery.  Well, both of those problems were solved very easily with a bit of shopping. I now have an adorable stash of itty bitty clothes (which, with my luck, she will be a 10lb baby and never get to wear…) and a plethora of adorable things for hanging on the nursery walls.  Sunday, we had a day of visitors - my parents came over in the morning (and my dad helped Matt to get the last of our stuff out of our storage unit, meaning we are *finally* all the way moved in!), then our Bradley teacher came by in the afternoon (she is going to be our Doula, so we just chatted about 'the plan' and showed her around the house since she'll likely be coming over to help get me through early labor, before we head to the hospital), and then in the evening Matt's uncle came by.  For hanging out at home all day, it sure seemed busy. :)  Monday I was off work, and I pretty much spent the entire day in the nursery.  I made one last shopping trip in the morning for a few things to add to my hospital bag (and came home with 2 more bags of baby clothes…no idea how that happened…), and then I did lots of baby laundry.  I'm sure I will curse these words in a few months, but I must say that teeny tiny baby laundry is so much fun to do.  I have never had so much fun folding clothes. :)  I started putting things away in the nursery, and finally got the closet emptied of all the gift bags from my showers.  It was a big step in feeling ready for a baby to come home. :)  Tuesday and Wednesday were busy at work, and busy in the evening with more nursery projects.  Then Thursday came and Snowmageddon 2013 hit - we got about 11" of snow over the course of the day, and I happily watched it fall from the comfort of home, in my PJs.  Both Matt and I didn't have to work, so it was a snow day all around.  We lounged around a bit, and then turned up the productivity and worked on some more nursery projects - Matt was a painting fool, and I clocked some quality time with the hot glue gun. :)  Friday was another snow day, although I worked from home.  I didn't last all day, apparently I just had to get back in the nursery for some more quality time. :)  I'm happy to report that it is getting very close to being finished, and I am finally to the point where if I were to go into labor right now, I can confidently say I wouldn't have a full blown panic attack.  That's saying a lot, people. :)  

We have a few last projects to finish up, and then I'm hoping to post pictures of the nursery - it may not be 100% finished, but it's pretty darn close, and if I don't show it to you now who knows if you'll ever see it. :)  So stay tuned for that.

Doctor appointment update: nothing new here.  No dilation, but thankfully no more talk of induction.   I do have a lovely rash that the doctor confirmed is common in late pregnancy (called PUPPP).  I was convinced I had chicken pox at first, but thankfully I don't.  Although this diagnosis isn't much better…I will just have to deal with the itchy red bumps all over my body until after I deliver.  Joy.

Size of baby: pumpkin

Total weight gain/loss:  50 lbs. {gained that pound back}

Maternity clothes: this question is officially pointless.

Stretch marks? i think I can see inklings of them starting, but nothing major still.

Sleep: nonexistent.  Constant itching all over your body + 9 months pregnant = no such thing as sleeping anymore.

symptoms: PUPPP.  It's loads of fun.  Nothing like constant itching, scratching like it's your job, and being covered in red bumps.  Yay, pregnancy!  

Best moment this week: folding baby clothes and diapers and a snow day with my hubby

Movement: still a lot of it, although I can tell she's running out of room in there.  She must be catching on to my inability to sleep…the last couple of nights as I lay awake trying my hardest not to think about how itchy I am, she seems to be dancing the night away.

Food cravings:  Dr. Pepper!  In fact, I could really go for one right now...

Anything making you queasy or sick: not this week

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!

Belly Button in or out? It’s the tiniest little bit out, but I’m still calling it in.  Yes, still.

Wedding rings on or off? Off  

Happy or Moody most of the time: The stress and nervousness are slowly switching over to excitement.  But overall I have been quite happy!

Looking forward to:  More snow!  Ok, maybe not really, but we are supposed to get another storm on Monday, so I'm guessing I'll be spending another couple of days cooped up in the house either working from home, or enjoying snow days.  Hopefully this weekend we will get the last few nursery projects finished, so I'm definitely looking forward to having a finished(ish) nursery!

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  1. Omg, Brooke, I have tears streaming down my face. I can remember how much I enjoyed washing baby clothes and putting them away and preparing for the birth.. the most special time in a womans life and thank you so much for sharing that w/ us so we can enjoy it w/ you!! I wish I had documented my experience like this. You and she will get to look back at this some day. I'm just so happy for you!!! I can't believe it's March already!!! Please call me some time when you have a few extra minutes. hugs&kisses


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