Saturday, November 17, 2012

{week 24}

 24 weeks

Week 24 (Nov 10 – Nov 16)

We started off this week with the best day ever – my birthday!  It turned out to be a super busy day, full of family, presents, CHEESECAKE, birth class, a cat in a tree, more family, and more celebrating with friends!  Whew.  I am exhausted just thinking about it.  But I had lots of fun celebrating with my family, and eating more than my share of fried chicken.  We had our first Bradley class that afternoon, where we learned a ton.  Matt seemed to enjoy it as well, and retained even more information than I did I think, so that’s a good sign. :)  We also had a house showing during our class, so my birthday twin Ash was kind enough to watch our cats for us since they had to be out of the house – well, that didn’t work out so well.  One of our cats apparently didn’t like the idea of staying at her house, and instead decided to run up a tree and stay there for 2 hours.  Once we got over there Matt was able to climb the tree and rescue her, though, so all was well again.  After all of that drama we had a lovely family dinner and then met with friends to celebrate Ash and my birthdays.  I was totally the pregnant chick in a bar.  I must admit, it was actually quite fun. :)  Jessica, the awesome best friend that she is, even managed to get the bartender to make a “shot” for me (pineapple juice, grenadine & sprite) so I could take a birthday shot with everyone.  I know that got some weird looks from other people at the bar. ;)

Sunday rolled around and we had yet another house showing, and then went to Buy Buy Baby to start the grand journey of registering.  Holy cow.  There is just way too much baby stuff out there.  We made a good dent, and will be going back at some point this weekend hopefully to finish it up.  Before I knew it my birthday weekend was over, and it was another Monday.  I kept this week nice and full though with birthday dinners, a happy hour with my 2 favorite also-pregnant-chicks, and – you guessed it – another house showing.  It has been a busy week to say the least, and now that my birthday week is officially in the books, I’m ready to rest. Not sure how much of that I’ll be doing this weekend, but a girl can hope!

In other news, I’ve officially been baking this baby for 6 months.  6 months?!?!  When did that happen?!  Time is really flying.  I am starting to get antsy about getting her nursery put together - I finally decided on a color scheme and a few key things… if I ever catch my breath I’ll post about that separately.

Size of baby: cantaloupe (WHAT!  Ok, that is significantly bigger than a grapefruit people!)

Total weight gain/loss:  26 lbs.  until I’m told otherwise. :)

Maternity clothes? Yes and yes.  Old Navy had another sale this week, so I went ahead and spent my birthday gift card and ordered 2 more tops and a pair of work pants.  I am really loving maternity pants these days… they are just so darn comfy.

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: blah.  Nothing new to say here… it still isn’t great.  And it’s not getting any better.

Symptoms: hello, back pain!  This belly seems to be growing exponentially lately, and my poor back isn’t too happy about it.  It’s not the worst back pain ever, but it certainly isn’t comfortable.  I guess I should get used to it, though, I’m certainly not getting any smaller.

Best moment this week: My BIRTHDAY!!  To be more specific – my present from the husband: a new point and shoot camera, but more adorable: a Christmas ornament for our baby girl with her name on it. :) Daddy wanted to make his first official purchase for his little girl. (cue collective AWWWWWW!)

Movement: All the time still.  I’ve now started feeling her move in the middle of the night…I sure hope that’s just a phase.  I cannot figure out this kid’s schedule for the life of me – some days she moves all morning, some days it’s only the evening, then there was the middle of the night dance-off… who knows.  Hopefully she has more of a schedule when she comes out!

Food cravings: right now: a home cooked meal.  Due to all of the birthday celebrating, I have eaten out waaaaay too much this week.  I’m ready for some real food.

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope!

Have you started to show yet: Ha!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!

Belly Button in or out? In, but I think it’s on its way out.  Ugh.

Wedding rings on or off? OFF! :(  Yesterday I noticed all of my rings feeling quite tight, so I removed them just to be safe.  Well then I forgot to put them back on.  I don’t think I quite have sausage fingers, but there has definitely been some swelling/water retention happening.  (and I am not the least bit happy about it!!!!!!)

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy this week.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving (aka – FOOOOOOOD!!!!) and Black Friday! :)

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