Sunday, November 25, 2012

baby girl’s nursery {the plan}

so, I’m a little behind schedule in getting this nursery put together.  {part of that is due to my inability to decide on a color scheme.}  but I finally got my butt in gear and nailed down somewhat of a plan.  I can’t say we’ve gotten much farther than this, but it’s a start, right?!


as you can see, the color scheme will involve lavender, gray, white, and a touch of plum as well.  the crib is from wal-mart, and I’m planning to copy an idea from my decorating obsessed friend Ashley, and paint the wood part at the bottom to coordinate with the room.  the fabric shown behind the crib is what I’m planning for curtains, and the other gray fabrics will be accents – a crib skirt, pillows, etc.  I probably won’t get the exact chair pictured, but something similar and definitely in gray with white piping.  the walls will be some combination of gray and lavender – I just haven’t decided what that combination will be yet.  there could be an accent wall involved, maybe in a chevron or stripe pattern…we’ll see how brave Matt is feeling when the time comes to paint.  my original plan for the dresser/changing table was the IKEA expedit shelf, modified like in the picture with legs and drawers, but I have since changed my mind.  my parents have an old dresser {that I actually used when I was in high school} that we will be revamping to use in the nursery.  it will definitely be getting a coat of white paint to match the dresser, and new hardware as well, and once again if I {ok, Matt} is feeling brave, we may try adding some color to the drawers.  Here’s what will be the “before” shot of this project… complete with Grandma-to-be and a pup :)

20121110_181737 (1) 

so, there you have it.  the plan.  things are still a bit up in the air as we aren’t entirely sure if we’ll be living in this house or somewhere else at the time of baby girl’s arrival, but I’m realizing that time is slipping away and I need to get moving one way or another!

of course I’ll share our progress as we get this puppy going – we’ll see how close to the plan the final product comes out to be :)


  1. I'm impressed!!! I love the simple color scheme.. and accents of lavender... I think it will look very pretty & airy. Also, um.. that dress is so cool & retro!!!!!!! Once you revamp it, it will look really neat in her nursery!!! I'm a tad envious. ENJOY every second of this...


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