Friday, September 5, 2014


Yes, I'm still quite a bit behind on things.  Just bear with me while I catch up in life. :)

Easter this year was so much fun!  Just for kicks here's a throwback to Lilly's first Easter last year:

Look at that tiny little thing!!  She was much more involved in the whole thing this year...last year she was basically just a blob that we passed around.  A very cute little blob, though!

My how she's grown!

We started the morning opening her Easter basket.  This year I got her a personalized one (from here on Etsy)  I totally planned to do that for her first Easter, but well I was busy with a newborn.  I really love the one I got though, and am excited to use it every year now.

Her basket had a few Easter themed books in it, a magna doodle, a new pair of sunglasses, a couple of light up toys (one being a rubber ducky which she was/is OBSESSED with), and a few plastic eggs filled with yogurt covered raisins.  We're avoiding candy as long as possible, hoping to try and delay the inevitable sugar addiction. :)  You would have thought the raisins were skittles though, once she discovered them all she wanted to do was EAT THEM ALL.

My genius child can already write her own name!  ha.

After she got dressed we had a little mini photo session in the back yard.  She was more interested in the eggs in her basket than looking at the camera, though.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention we had our first adventure dying eggs this year!  We set up shop on the deck and spent a lovely Saturday afternoon coloring some eggs.

It wasn't nearly the mess I had expected, but mostly because I did all of the dye-handling. :)  Lilly did drop a couple eggs in, which was SUPER exciting to her.  

We also paid a visit to the Easter Bunny this year. {I'm already off on a tangent, so I'm just going with it.}  Lilly was NOT a fan.  Similar to our Santa experience, she was pretty much terrified of him.  But with Daddy accompanying her, all was well and we even got a smile.

side note: I paid like $20 for this horribly over-exposed photo.  Awesome. Sign me up for the sucker-first-time-mom club.

Anyway, where were we?  Oh yes, Easter Sunday. :)

We headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Henry's next, for a little Easter brunch.

Once again, the food-filled Easter eggs were the most popular item (for both her and Daisy...ha!)

We had a lovely brunch (ok it was more of a lunch, considering we ate steaks, but it was earlier so I like to call it brunch)

After we stuffed ourselves, we hopped in the car and drove to the other Grandma & Grandpa's house to round out our Easter celebrations.

Lexi and Lilly both looked so cute in their dresses, we tried to get a nice photo of them together.

Uhhhh, yeah.....not so much.

Lilly was in a phase of not wanting to sit by herself, or smile for pictures.  So that helped the situation.  This next photo was the best I got. :)

Oh, there's my happy girl!

We did an Easter egg hunt while there, and Lilly had a BLAST.  I actually didn't expect her to really understand or get into the whole egg hunting thing, but I was oh so wrong.  She ran around pointing out eggs left and right, and had a grand old time.

Cousins.  This picture makes me smile, it was such a production to even get this.  We had to sit Lilly down, and occupy her with an egg full of raisins (once again), and then convince Lexi to sit down near her and smile (of course she's looking at her own mom, though).  Last we got Jordan to come in, and she was just laughing at how hard we were all working to try and orchestrate this.  So while it is not the perfect, posed, smiling photo, I actually like it better because it comes with a great memory. :)

And that about wraps up our Easter adventure!  The holidays are becoming more and more fun as Lilly gets older, I love experiencing them through her eyes.

And I think it's pretty clear that she enjoyed the heck out of Easter. :)

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