Sunday, January 26, 2014


{I meant to post these with the Christmas recap, but it was long enough on its own}

Lilly paid her first visit to Santa a couple weeks before Christmas. We took her and her cousin Lexi to Bass Pro one evening, to see the jolly old guy.

It was all smiles and hugs at first...

Until we plopped her on santa's lap.  Looking back, we didn't really think the situation through.  We just handed her off, and ran to the side to take pictures.  She gave the big bearded guy one look, and was totally freaked out.  It made for a pretty awesome picture, though, I must say. :)

We tried to take one with all 3 of us, and me holding her, and it did turn out a little better, but she still has a look of terror on her face. Poor kid.  Since I was in that photo I didn't get it on my camera, but really the first one is the keeper.  Priceless. :)

Luckily she didn't seem to be too traumatized, as not even 5 minutes later we were able to take some pictures of her and Lexi and she was all smiles...

Maybe next year she'll be a little less terrified of the jolly old guy. :)

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