Monday, September 8, 2014

Mother's + Father's Day

Aaaand we're continuing on the journey to get this blog caught up... :)

I'm combining Mother's & Father's day into one post ~ there isn't a ton to share from either, but these two holidays have a lot more meaning to us now, so I want to remember them.  We are both so thankful that this girl of ours came into our lives and made us parents.

We didn't do anything incredibly special to celebrate either Mother's or Father's day, but we had great days together at home and with family.  I am sort of itching to start some sort of small tradition for next year...I'll be sure to report back whatever I come up with. :)

First up, Mother's Day!  All I wanted was to be able to sleep in and then spend some time relaxing at home with my girl.  My wishes were granted!

After getting to lay in bed while Daddy & Lilly made breakfast, I woke up and moseyed out to find some lovely flowers (and other gardening supplies) for me.  Lilly was on a big kick at the time with smelling flowers.  It was adorable.

We spent the afternoon outside planting flowers and just hanging out in the backyard.  Lilly sported her first swimsuit of the season, and I could not get over the cuteness.

She was such a good helper - Daddy got her a little mini garden shovel as part of my gift, so she got right on it and helped me plant my flowers.

That evening we went out to Matt's parent's house to celebrate with his family.  Once we were all showered and dressed we took the obligatory Mama + Lilly photo.

and, for another fun flashback, here we are on Mother's Day last year :)

We hung out at Matt's parent's house for the evening, and Lexi & Lilly pretty much just ran around in the backyard together the whole time.  

and of course, Grandma G got some quality time with her girls. 

Did I mention she was in a flower smelling phase?  :)

and just so you don't think we gave my mom the shaft on Mother's Day...

we actually went out to dinner to celebrate her the night before.  Lilly began her love affair with chips & salsa that night too, which is still going strong 4 months later by the way. :)  If you know my mom, you know how incredibly fitting this is...

Anyway, on to the less-important of the two, Father's Day. (just kidding!!  Lilly is a total Daddy's girl actually, so I have no room to talk here.)

as you can probably tell, this picture was actually taken on Mother's day. But it seemed better to include under Father's day, so there you go. :)

We spent Father's day at the lake, where Matt's parents are currently building a home.  At the time they had just bought the property, so we let the girls run around the open land, and they were pretty much the cutest thing ever.  We totally did not prompt this hand-holding adorableness, by the way...

I totally failed and didn't take many pictures while we were there that day.  I had maxed out the storage on my phone at the time, and didn't have my big camera with me. (FAIL)  I did manage to snap one quick photo of Daddy + Lilly before bed, though.

Another flashback:

It was a fun day overall, even if I don't have the pictures to prove it! :)

Daddy kind of bought his own gifts this year...a couple weeks earlier we ended up with 2 new vehicles in our driveway: 

The truck was a must, as his Trailblazer kicked the bucket one day leaving us in a pinch.  The camper was previously planned, and ironically we had scheduled to go look at/buy it the day we also had to buy the truck.  Maybe not the most economical decision, but we just went with it, and, well, I'm expecting equally nice presents for Mother's day next year! (kidding....sort of.)

Anyway, like I said before, we are just thankful that now we also get to be celebrated on these 2 great holidays, along with our wonderful parents. Being a mama is the best job I've ever had, and I know Matt would say the same about being a Dad.  Love every minute of it, and I thank my lucky stars every day that we were blessed with such a wonderful daughter to call our own.

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