Friday, July 20, 2012

{week 7}

I made the big announcement, so now I’m going back and posting weekly updates (and I’m using blog magic to post them on the dates that I wrote them).  Like I said, these are mostly for myself.  Someday I will forget what these first few weeks were like…although right now that doesn’t seem possible.

 7 weeks

Week 7 (July 14 – July 20)

this week started with a bang – on Saturday, we shared the news with more family!  I told all of the aunts, cousins and Mama T at lunch, and then we met Matt’s parents and sister at the lake Saturday afternoon, where we told them as well.  It’s so fun to experience everyone’s excited reactions (especially twice in one day!).  I told my best friend at lunch on Wednesday as well, and she cracked me up because her reaction was basically the same as mine when I found out! (including more than one “Holy Shit!”) We are too much alike :)  In other news, we had our 3 year wedding anniversary this week.  We didn’t do anything terribly special to celebrate, just dinner and a movie (dinner at Texas Roadhouse – yum, and we saw Ted – hilarious), but it was pretty crazy to 1: realize that 3 years have already gone by, and 2: to think that after 3 years of just us, our family is now going to be growing!

Total weight gain/loss: 0

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep:  I am coming home pretty tired most evenings, but haven’t gotten to the point of taking naps. Yet.  I’m sleeping pretty well at night, unless there are big storms or a sniffling husband waking me up… but I haven’t been getting up to go to the bathroom, which is a plus!

Symptoms: fatigue, oh fatigue.  They aren’t kidding when they say that pregnancy fatigue is a whole new kind of tired. A little nausea (nothing like the day we drove back from Texas when I thought I was going to ralph at any second for all 12 hours.  I’m so glad that was only one day), and sore boobs!  Apparently the huge surge in Progesterone is the cause, but holy moly I never knew it would be this bad…ouch. Oh, and I think my “super-nose” is developing.  I’ve heard that pregnant women’s sense of smell tends to heighten remarkably, but I hadn’t noticed anything until this week.  I feel like I can smell EVERYTHING now, good and bad.  I am planning to deep clean our house this weekend just because I feel like it smells dirty.  I guess the super-nose is good for something, right?

And, as a side note: although the symptoms are a bit annoying, I welcome them because they are a constant reminder that I really am pregnant!  (Maybe by the time I pop this kid out I will finally believe that this is real…maybe?)

Best moment this week: tie between telling families (and best friend!), and celebrating our anniversary.

Have you told family and friends: Yes! Saturday while at Mama T’s, I told all the family there.  My due date is Aunt Rhonda’s birthday, so she was excited about that.  And Aunt Terri cannot WAIT to throw a baby shower. :)  Saturday evening at the lake, we gave Matt’s mom a belated birthday gift, which was a “Grandma Loves Me” picture frame and a copy of the ultrasound picture.  Once everyone realized the news, chaos ensued.  Happy, excited chaos of course. :)  And last, at lunch on Wednesday I told my best friend Jess (who I have been wanting to tell since the moment I found out, but haven’t seen her until now!), who is thrilled to be an aunt again.  That is probably all the telling we will do for quite a while, or as long as we can hold out anyway.  I’m hoping to wait until at least after our next appointment (10 weeks) to tell anyone else, or even better until I’m showing and they figure it out for themselves.  But then again this is a ridiculously hard secret to keep!

Miss Anything? I found out this week that my favorite band, 311, is putting on another cruise (like the one we went on in May) next year.  Unfortunately though, it sails on March 1st.  So I’m already sad about missing it… but then again, I think we’ll be doing something slightly more important around that time.

Movement: not yet

Food cravings: I’ve just been craving all the foods I’m not supposed to have (i.e. gluten and dairy) this week.  And I’ve been giving in to my cravings way more than I should.  I’ve already vowed to start over this weekend, and buy plenty of healthy and on-my-diet snacks, so that I’m not as tempted (this week I was lazy and never went to the grocery store, so a lot of eating out = a lot of giving in to temptation).

Anything making you queasy or sick: just when I’m too hungry. 

Have you started to show yet: not yet

Gender prediction: deep down I think it’s a girl.  But because we only have a girl name picked out, and I’ve kind of always wanted a girl, both Matt and I are thinking that luck will give us a boy.  Honestly we’ll be thrilled either way.

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I may have been a little moody this week, but I’m still going with Happy because I was only moody a couple of times. ;)

Looking forward to: our 2 ½ year-old niece spending the night with us this weekend.  It should be some good practice for our future… :)

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