Monday, April 2, 2012

here we go

so I’ve decided to do a little project. starting yesterday, I am committing to taking (and blogging!) a photo a day for the next year. 

yep, that’s 365 photos. 

if you google (or search on pinterest for) 365 project, you’ll find tons of these.  a lot of them have themes, or specific assignments, but I’m keeping it simple.

just one photo every day.

now, I can’t promise I’ll actually get them all edited and blogged in real time (obviously I’ve already fallen behind on that!), but I WILL take a picture each day.

let’s get this party started with day 1 (yesterday)’s photo:

{1} 4-1-12

my sweet  little girl, basking in the sun.  It has been unseasonably warm lately, and we recently put a screen door in, so this is her new favorite hangout.

I’ll be back later with today’s photo. :)

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