Sunday, April 15, 2012



we had a fun-filled time celebrating Easter last weekend… I already told you about the egg-hunt with my cousins on Saturday, and the yummy cupcakes I brought to my parents house for our Easter lunch.  The last stop on the Easter train was Matt’s sister’s house, where we enjoyed a little BBQ, a little egg hunt, and even some work for the guys.


Lexi is one lucky little girl, with a daddy, grandpa and uncles who love to build things. :)  The guys spent a lot of the day working on this new playhouse…I cannot wait until it’s finished – I can already see some adorable photo shoots in and around it!



It took a little encouragement to get Lexi to search for her eggs…after the first couple she was just interested in opening them and eating or playing with whatever was inside. :) 


But, with a little teamwork, the girls managed to hunt down all of their eggs.



I think this next one is my new favorite Lexi picture…


and last but not least…Lexi and her grandpa taking a break in her new playhouse. 


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